A Complete Guide on Mobile App Wireframes

Mobile App Wireframes

A Complete Guide on Mobile App Wireframes

Mobile App Development is a complex and multi-stage process. What would be the first stage? The answer to this is to wireframe the app first.

What is wireframe?

A Wireframe is a rough sketch or blueprint of how you want to fully realize your product regarding a visual layout. It is about placement, navigation, and defining the user journey at the earliest stage possible. When designing Mobile App Wireframes, it is crucial to get a sense of which features will be included and layout placement and how they interact with one another. A wireframe is a jumping off point for product design.

Wireframe Navigation

In nutshell, the wireframe is a skeleton of the mobile app. Now, discuss what is include by Wireframe…

  • Space distribution
  • Available functions
  • Content prioritisation
  • Intended Actions
  • Relation between screens

A wireframe shows

  • Page elements
  • Object category and its priority
  • Possible actions
  • Visual branding elements

A wireframe doesn’t show

  • Colors
  • Design elements
  • Logos
  • Actual images
  • Fonts

The Difference in Wireframing for iOS and Android

When platforms differ from each other it is evident that their mobile structures are also different. So, while you are creating a wireframe for the mobile app. It seems to be a smart thing to create two separate ones-One for iOS and one for Android.

It’s easier to develop a wireframe for the iOS app. So, we usually make it first. As the primary elements on the screen will be the same, there is no need to create one more for Android.

The only possible difference can be the place of each element on the screen. You should keep this in mind when you create a wireframe for the Android app after you developed one for iOS.

Why Wireframing is essential for Mobile Apps?

  1. Wireframes provide clear idea how your mobile app looks like and its working

Nobody likes to buy a simple piece of land when he or she do not have any idea about what he or she should build on it. In this way, being a mobile developer it is necessary to provide a clear idea about the final application’s work to a client. When you have wireframe with you then you can easily give a general idea of the final product.

Moreover, clients will have a chance to explain to the team what their exceptions are and which functions they want in their app. When having a wireframe in front of you, you can make sure that everything looks and feels great.

  1. Transition efficiently manage in the project

Wireframes are visual and straightforward. Feel free to make changes while they are easily implemented. When you change anything, you can see the effect straight away. No need to wait till developer’s team again rewrites the code of your app.

  1. Reduce the overall cost of the project

As changes can be made in the early stages of the project, it will be efficient and cheaper to do. You will not have to fix any problems later on when it’s might be costly. It’s a definite financial advantage and with a good wireframe, you can be prepared to launch the app more effectively.

  1. They save you from unpleasant surprises

You see what developers work on from the starting and cooperate with the team consistently, therefore there are very few chances that something would go wrong.

A wireframe also helps you in planning the launch of your future app. Both you and your developers know how much time it will essential to create the application. Everybody will have time to prepare.

  1. You have visual materials for promotion

When you just start to implement your project and if you require to involve investors for your project, you will have excellent material you can use for presentation and pitches right away.


As we know that planning of any work before actually start to implement will give a successful result. The Mobile App Wireframes is also perform planning task to develop any successful final Mobile App.

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