An Ultimate Guide on On-demand App Development and Solutions

On-demand App Development

An Ultimate Guide on On-demand App Development and Solutions

Ah!!!! What a lovely world of on-demand App solutions.

It’s kind of everything on earth provides on-demand services. From food to furniture to medicines, every damn thing can be delivered in 60 minutes of order.

I can say that it is equally difficult and fascinating to create and run a successful on-demand platform.

Replicating one’s successful on-demand app isn’t that easy as it sounds. There are millions of things that need to be perfect for making a successful on-Demand app development.  It needs out-of-world planning, perfect execution and a little bit of luck to avoid roadblocks to get success. What one thing I have learned from my past experiences working with many teams is people want everything on the blink of an eye. That’s where these Uber X apps never run out of demands and are very much in success than the thought of when released.

The On-Demand Economy

Before getting it into technicalities, the best fit is to get through with the basics of the On-Demand economy. This will help you understand and make it easier for you to develop on-demand apps. So let’s get going with the features and working of the on-demand economy.

So, what is On-Demand, Exactly?

On-Demand means delivery of the services and products to the people within a reasonable time of requesting. Transportation, food delivery and many other similar services come in the category of On-demand services. The trend is the people want everything in the estimated time of 5-60 minutes.

The concept of On-demand App development….

In today’s world, everyone wants to on-demand services from their mobile apps. Nobody wants to fire up the fan of their old PCs and order for the pizza. They want the services that enable them to order their needs from their mobile phone which needs apps to order. Hence, the idea of the on-demand mobile apps came up for the companies that offer such services.

There are two different types of On-demand apps, one for the customer’s end and another for the merchant’s end. For the customer’s end, there should be an interface that can help the customers to browse through the product and services provided and that he/she can order the one that is required. The merchant should receive this order with the details through his/her app.

These were some basics and general workflow you needed to know before the development process.

Before the Process gets Initiated…

Before tightening up the nuts and bolts of what it takes for successful and marvelous on-demand app development, let’s discuss the necessities that, simply put, the entrepreneur should incorporate with their platforms, in order to replicate even the little of the success of the bigger companies. Here are some of the important things that I would like to discuss like running the minimum viable product, essential features, and partnership that you should we looking forward to getting indulge in.

1. MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Before creating the On-demand platform, the best advice is to create an MVP first. An MVP can give you a clear and concise idea about how viable and scalable your products. It will also help you in choosing the cost-efficient development tools to get the things done with the smallest time frame with the best quality possible. After getting the basic rights, you could then expand to add the necessary features and make your platform more bellwether.

A well-executed MVP can save your enormous time as well as money, also gives you invaluable experience and insights about your product and services with valuable feedbacks which more than enough a reason to have patience and willingness to go for it. Multiple numbers of A/B tests need to be executed, which can offer a lot for your product for the long run. And also that the landing page you use for your MVP can do wonders for your on-demand app development project. Good as well as worse. After all, it is the first thing of your funnel. It’s the first place where everyone including future customers, investors, and even competitors are at your distribution to explain your product. Everyone wants their first impression should be perfect.

“You don’t get Second Chance with your first Impression”

2. User Registration and Login

Since there would be abundant data of the millions of users and merchants, the best way is to have a login facility. This login can be done through mobile numbers, emails, or social media accounts connections. Creating a user profile can help with customized service suggestion, gives you an opportunity to deal personally with your affiliates and customers.

Using Social plugins for popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google can be a good idea to avoid the cumbersome on your platform. However, there is still a lot to care about this. What you can look towards are Single-sign-on and OAuth 2 Standards.

3. Tag Locations

Since the heart of the on-demand platform is delivering goods or services to the requested location, it is totally a folly for on-demand mobile app development without location detection. This can help in displaying the localized search results and processes the booking and ordering services quicker and efficient. To find the geographic location the best and interesting tool is GetLastLocation().

4. Communication

For any business to be successful, communication is the key to success. A good on-demand platform should at least have direct messaging facilities for the quick exchange of information within the customers and merchants offering the services. User help and support is another area that must be deployed in on-demand service app.

on-demand app development features


So, these are the features and basics that you need to know before you foot into the world of technology. So, now you can draw out your idea in the On-demand application development and make a profit through it.

This is our brief guide on how to create a successful on-demand app. We put out some light on each and every aspects from the login page to payment options. Our designers and developers are striving to help the entrepreneurs for world-class on-demand app development.


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