Android: Favored On-Demand App Development Choice

Android: Favored On-Demand App Development Choice

Android: Favored On-Demand App Development Choice

After the innovation of smartphones, mobile applications made a huge appearance in the world of smart devices. Actually, the fact is the smart apps and on-demand apps played a vital role in popularizing smartphones. Since then the whole game is together different.

According to the current scenario, mobile app development companies have two stringent competitors. They are Google and Apple. Although, the Microsoft Windows is also running in the race but still lacking somewhere behind. We are already aware of how the Google Play Store and Apple’s App store is flooded with millions of apps.

These apps are totally categorized with different categories. The categories can be corporate apps, gaming apps, social media apps, messenger apps, on-demand apps and many more.

The statistics show you the clear vision and understanding of the number of mobile phone users worldwide.

Number of mobile phone users

Other than these stats, one of the statistics shows that social media apps achieve the first positions among the most downloaded apps with 29 percent. On-demand apps are also not straggling behind. They are too in the race. According to the survey, about 59 percent of users of on-demand apps are male. From them, about 55 percent are aged between 25 and 44 years. The competition becomes tough when the survey says that a user uses about 40 apps on average in a month.

To summarize what on-demand app is – it is an online and instant service provider which simplifies the lives of the people by making their day to day activities more convenient.

On one hand, if the on-demand apps are making the lives comfortable, it’s also boosting up the business and economy. And therefore, now the users don’t have to connect to the service centers and wait for the concerned person to receive the preferred solution.

Here in this piece of knowledge, we are discussing why the Android Operating system is better and a preferable choice for On-demand app development.

1. Android Having Huge Share in the Market

Before deciding about the platform, you need to analyze and recognize your target of audience. We already discussed that there are two competitors you can opt for – Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. The statistics confirm that the Android apps available in the google play store exceeds than the apps accessible in Apple’s store.

The other survey shows 2.1 million apps in android and about 2 million apps in the iOS app store in the third quarter of 2018.

On the other side, the demography or the geographical region coverage of Android apps across the globe is also higher. The Android market has a large market base in Asia including the countries like China and India. These are the two most populated nations across the world.

Moreover, it also finds its base in European and South America continents and also in the parts of Africa. Besides, iOS has its main base in the North American continents comprising U.S and Canada along with Australia.

So now the decision depends on you. To target the larger audience I think you must go with the Android platform. The additional part is you can cover the common masses who are the biggest users of Android. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can not grab the audience of the U.S, Canada, and Australia.

2. Google – Compassionate in App Policies

If you consider the experts’ suggestion from any mobile app development company, they will tell you that Google IS lenient in its app policies. The reviewing time is much quicker. This is because the developers don’t a requirement to follow rigid terms and conditions.

Moreover, for the start-ups and businesses who are investing in the on-demand app development for the first time will only have to pay $25 as a registration fee before uploading the app. For Apple registration, it exceeds to $99 per year.

3. More Features

There are some must-have features in your Android app development. These features must include the integration of maps, GPS functionality and push notifications, etc. The functionalities are necessary to reach out to the targeted audience. This is leveraged by the Android and has an edge over iOS.

4. Customization Ease

The on-demand app’s important aspects are it needs to make the requirements enough of the end users. Moreover, the functionalities keep on changing as the trends keep on changing.

Now, this requires the developers to update the app in the regular interval for serving the needs of the customers. So with this, in comparison with iOS, we can say Android offers better customization options.

With being easier the app modifications, the percentage of app retention increases.

5. Google Assistance Advantage

Along with Android, you also get the advantage of the voice assistant in the form of Google Assistance.  You get the perks to access the several data points which makes Google Assistance more efficient and better as compared to Siri.

Android users just have to command and data gets encrypted. This makes easier for the customer to search for the particular items.

6. Data Storage

Whenever you plan to launch your on-demand app in Google’s Play Store, you get the perk for the extension facility of cross-platform as well as 15GB free capacity. The storage in Google Drive. Besides all of this, Google has its own cloud storage along with Drive which helps you to access the data easily.

Usually, the on-demand app development has larger customers data and the revenue generated from sales. So you will need to have a big storage house.

7. Multi-lingual Support

The Android app development or the on-demand app development must support multiple languages. Because it is based on B2C models. It is the beneficiary that Android supports around 100 languages. Whereas iOS supports mere 34 languages.

8. More Memory in Android Device

This is the next good reason for the on-demand app development as the Android devices offer more memory. So, there is no need to worry about the large size of mobile app development. The memory can also be managed by the SD card.

This way the Google gives the freedom to the experts and developers to use their innovation while designing the app. It also makes the features more attractive.


There are no second thoughts on the popularity of on-demand apps has skyrocketed. It also forced the clients to look for a reliable and profitable app platform and this helps in maximizing the gain and target maximum of customers.

Android is developed and backed by Google and so it provides both the customers as well as developers.

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