Android Q – Google’s OS top features in mobile app development industry

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Android Q – Google’s OS top features in mobile app development industry

Google held the keynote I / O developer conference, uncovering its enhancements, and revealed more details for best mobile app development. It also identified new characteristics that come to its Android operating system, also known as Android Q, that’s Android 10.

Yes, it’s not until August that the Android Q update is due, but right now you can download and install Android Q beta 3. And take some characteristics that were not in beta 2.

Let’s deep inside the new features of Android Q in the mobile world:

Transformation with the New Dark theme

Dark mode the most desired feature of the Android operating system, and now it’s on the way for every Google’s core app.

This desired feature will darken the interface which will only not spare the battery life but will reduce the strain of your eyes with OLED displays.

For activation there are two different ways, the first one starts with dedication dark theme button which transform display from default to dark feature.

Another way is activating battery saver mode which too will transform into people’s favorite dark theme.

Live caption expanding Mobile App Development industry

Another best feature Google IO 2019 announced is Live Caption used with the combination of live video and audio call on the phone to text, and the user’s words respond in the form of text.

And the best thing is you don’t require data connection to use this feature. It is one of the best features for deaf users as it will add a combination of subtitle transcribing text from the device’s own speech recognition with the video call.

Subtitle adds a pinch of quality in calling which will be loved by the users.

Gesture controls for better use

The major change to the navigation of Android comes with gestures in iPhone style where a lengthy, slim white bar with distinct swipe gestures at the bottom of the screen.

The swipe up gesture takes users to the home screen, takes users to the app drawer from the home screen. And swiping across multi-task views enables users to switch between applications and improved in past Android Pie.

Byee to the back button

The new standard expected to guarantee consistency of overall variations of Android Q gadgets.

Truly, saying goodbye to a to the well-celebrated back catch in Android Q is astounding for the clients and designers. But it’s considered as a route navigation staple of Android telephones leading mobile app development industry.

Security & Better privacy for better mobile app development

Nowadays it much required to get well mannered as Android Q puts protection controls up front. Lastly not only security controls will presently be directly at the top in the Settings menu but will make it brisk and simple to change settings.

That, yet Google is tweaking how location data is imparted to applications. Presently, you can share location data just while the application is being used is like consents take a shot at iOS.

New Bubbles feature for ease

Like Facebook Messenger’s Chat Heads, Google bubble feature has adopted well finish display with small circular, floating alerts on top. Whatever it is you’re currently doing on your Android device.

Users will have to approve each app that wants to use Bubbles as a notification method. Which will help your screen shouldn’t be overrun with alerts from every app you have installed.

Support for foldable phones

However, that’s good to know that Android Q has likewise been intended to function admirably with telephones that overlap, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Likewise Samsung catastrophe aside, this new form of Android will support handsets and features like screen continuity.

However, you’re utilizing an application on the front screen of a phone. And after that, you open the gadget to the tablet-sized screen, that application will at that point port itself over to the greater inside screen.

Supports 5G

Yeah, you heard right! This next version of Android “naturally supports 5 G,” said Cuthbertson.

Similarly, in addition to the software running on the phone, the smartphone itself also needs the right internal equipment. Internal equipment will capture a 5 G signal where it exists.

The most prominent one right now and leading the mobile app development sector.

The closure

The long-awaited update of the Android operating system fulfills its long-established hype with the latest features with android app development in digital welfare.

In the iterated OS update, the year-on-year improvements appear alongside the live caption, focus mode. And the mainline project that steals the show is beyond the guess of anyone. The long-awaited dark theme, native screen recording, privacy update, and 5 G network help will be accessible.

Google has beautifully combined many modifications with incredible characteristics in Android Q an excellent OS to roll attempt.

Don’t hold fire! Get beta 3 updates to any pixel device.

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