Benefits Of Using Spotify Store

Benefits Of Using Spotify Store

Benefits Of Using Spotify Store

With the ongoing pandemic, the e-commerce market is growing at a tremendous rate. Observing that growth, the big players in this market have made their presence known immediately. One such player is Shopify. Shopify single-handedly democratized e-commerce and gave power in the hands of its users.

Shopify provides an all-in-one platform to help e-commerce businesses set up their online stores while aiding retailers to connect directly to their customers. If that isn’t compelling enough, below are some of the benefits of using Shopify store for your business:

Benefits of Using Shopify Store

Easy Setup System:

Spotify has one of the quickest and the most easy-to-use framework for setting up and launching your store online. With no need for setting up a personal server or any need for technical skills, anyone can launch their e-commerce site at any time.

With the help of Shopify’s clean and user-friendly interface, users can find the products that they need from your shop with just a few clicks. As for the developers, they can find documents and videos which provide a cohesive guide on the steps involved in building your store. Not just that, there are plenty of third-party online courses available too.

Quick Design System:

As for contemporary style websites, Shopify lets you build the sites easily and quickly. It comes with free and custom-built themes. These themes can get chosen according to the site’s UI/UX needs of the store.

It is an estimation that there may be more than 170 themes available in the Shopify theme store, with access to over a hundred from third-party sites such as ThemeForest. Additionally, if you are confident with your designing skills, it is easy to customize these available themes to fit the store’s aesthetic.

A large number of Add-ons:

Also known as plugins, these elements to the Shopify experience bring a massive collection of free and premium add-ons to help grow your business. These elements help enhance the functionality of your website. It also aids in easy personalization of the website as per the requirements of your business.

Some of the most famous add-ons for Shopify HubSpot CRM and Sendinblue for Shopify. Hubspot helps organize, track and nurture your leads with automation, while Sendinblue helps do the same with e-mail lists. There are several more innovative add-ons available on Shopify’s app store.

A Vast array of apps:

Shopify comes with seamless app integration. Its App-Store consists of thousands of usable applications. It is not a stretch to say that there is an application available for every type of Shopify user on its App-Store. Not just that, users can also add some extra features that address the needs of their shoppers and thus enhance the store value.

Numerous Shopify apps are available, specifically designed to help the user perform different tasks on the store. Apps that let you customize the review system, help track and maintain inquiries, and edit and update the products, Shopify has got it all.

Mobile-Friendly Interfaces:

Mobile devices have proved themselves to be the best medium to reach customers. The number and the frequency at which people reach out for their phones are growing exponentially. Hence, your store must have some mobile compatibility.

Shopify develop its interface with mobile responsiveness in its mind. It made sure that every store made through the platforms runs and looks great on mobile devices. Hence, they aid customers in being able to shop from anywhere that they desire. That helps your business have a broad and convenient reach towards your customers.

Powerful Marketing/SEO Tools:

While it is great to have an aesthetically pleasing site set up, it is unfortunately not enough. Marketing also plays a critical part in an e-commerce store’s success. Fortunately, Shopify provides an array of marketing tools to use.

These tools include elements such as social media, product reviews, and e-mail marketing tools. Additionally, there are also tools available that help you create gift vouchers, discount coupons, and banners to display store statistics. Moreover, for SEO, Shopify helps create sparkling landing pages, which further separates it from other e-commerce platforms.

Content Management Services:

Blogging can be a great tool to bring in more traffic to the store. According to statistics, more than half of U.S customers:

  • Make purchases based on a blog recommendation.
  • Feel connected to the company after reading unique content on its site.
  • Around 50% of them view 3-5 pieces of content before making their purchase decision with a company. And,
  • 51% of blog readers shop online primarily.

To the luck of the shop-owners, Shopify comes with a built-in blog. That helps create relevant content that ensures a high ranking of your site.

Recovery Of Carts:

A simple yet equally crucial and effective Shopify service: cart recovery. 2/3rd of your customers leave the store without buying any products they add to their baskets. Keeping that in mind, Shopify developed an Abandoned Cart Recovery System.

This system automatically e-mails the customer to remind them of their abandoned cart and its content. It asks them if they would like to complete their purchases. That, in turn, helps increase the store’s online revenue.

Solid Customer Service:

With Shopify experts available 24/7 via telephone, e-mail, or live chat, Shopify is one of the safest platforms to build and host your store. The platform is ready to answer every one of your needs to keep your store running at all times.

Moreover, a large number of users comes a gigantic amount of community guidance. There exist numerous community forums and documents in the Shopify Help Center to help you with any troubleshooting issue that you might have.

Customizable and Secure Payment System:

Shopify has a great partnership with Stripe. Stripe describes itself as an Online payment processing service for internet businesses. It has a suite of payment APIs that helps power online businesses of all sizes. It includes services like fraud prevention and subscription management.

Shopify has also created a credit card system called The Shopify Payments, which is integrated directly within the platform by itself. A user thus needs to merely select Shopify Payments and add the information that gets asked for.


Reading the blog, it has become quite clear as to how powerful the e-commerce platform is. With aa fantastic customer support, the variety of innovative add-ons and applications, and seamless setup and mobile support: choosing Shopify for your online business becomes a no-brainer. It is about time your business shines through in the crowd of other e-commerce platforms using the right set of tools available.

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