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Admin Features

Robust Admin Panel

Allows the admin to do everything else from managing and monitoring each user profile, handling payments, and taking strict actions against the fraudulent user.

Manage Users

Admin can easily manage the user data, registered user’s profile, activities, browsing behavior, and more from the app.

Profile Verification

They implemented a multi-step verification system that allows the app owners to verify each user profile in terms of their profile photo, social media, mobile number, email, and more to make it a safe and secure platform with real personalities.

Reporting & Analytics

Admin can gather insights and analytic reports on profile matches, the number of downloads, user engagements, and more.

Geolocation Tools

We have designed the best custom maps using geolocation tools, including the database framework, Mapbox mapping tool, and other components, to provide the most accurate location-based on user data.

More Settings

Admin can set limits, required data fields, and more to make it genuine for users in the app.

Subscription Packages

Admin can create different subscription packages based on the pricing and premium features for users about the services.

Instant Notification

Get instant push notifications about new chats, messages, comments, and what’s new to make and update necessary changes in the app.

User Features

Easy SignIn/SignUp

The dating app comes with a simple sign-in/sign-up process. Users can easily sign-up with Google and social media profiles, create their profiles and sign in by entering their email and password.

Push Notifications

The app allows people to stay informed regarding new matches, events, or messages and get notified by push notification if any user is available near your location, matching your interests and all.

Advanced Search Filters

The advanced search filter allows the users to create filters, like male or female, age, gender, weight, height, color, location, interests, hobbies, and more to search for the people to chat with, and communicate with the interested one, providing the best way to find the perfect soulmate nearby their location.

AI-Based Advanced Matching

AI-based advanced matching functionality helps track user behavior, search history, and the most visited pages. It suggests that the most recommended matches make it easier for users to find the perfect soulmate accordingly.

In-Built Security

To make the app more reliable, we have implemented in-built security features to protect the user data in terms of personal contact details, such as phone number, email address, photos, and more, to ensure their info won’t be misused highly protected.

Communication Options

The app provides various options, like text messaging, voice calling, and video calling, for users to engage and communicate anywhere, even in a slow internet connection. It also allows the user to edit or delete their message if typed mistakenly, enhancing communication b/w each other more effectively.

Discover Events & Meetups

The feature allows the user to search for the events near their location along with people involved in that particular event they would like or might be interested in going further. Therefore you get a chance to meet up with new people around you.

Social Media Integration

The social media integration tool allows users to integrate their social media accounts with their profiles to boost user engagement within the app, securing the data with top-level privacy and data security.

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