E-Commerce Trends That Will Boom Retail Industry in 2019

Retail Industry 2019

E-Commerce Trends That Will Boom Retail Industry in 2019

The invention of Smart Phone created a significant impact on technology. Nowadays Mobile App Development sector is working on developing new applications for various businesses. Online Retail Industry is a sector which involves Mobile App for business development. There is a Stiff competition in online e-Commerce. To stay in this Competition for a long time it is essential to update your business with tending Retail Features.

There two central Current aspects for Online Retail Industry, Technology involvement and Customer behavior towards Online Retail. If you want to run a successful online retail business then these two are most needed aspects. Let’s discuss the Trends which are going to boom in 2019.

Technological Trends in Online Retail Industry

  1. AR and VR take advantages

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) have already shown their potential in 2018 with many famous brands such as Amazon. These technologies help the customer to take real-time virtual experience before deciding to buy. AR and VR bring real customer experience especially for online retailers who are selling clothes, home decors, furniture, cosmetics and so on. Many companies are starting to invest in developing VR and AR. Currently, Amazon and Samsung are two giants who are leading the development.

  1. Voice technology drives more sales

Have you heard about the term Voice Commerce; it refers to the transactions that occur when customers purchase products by voice. Bulk development of voice technology allows people to search, select and purchase by talking with their devices and is used by 41% customers of Amazon Echo and Google Home in 2017. And it is predicted that there will be 50% of total searchers will use voice search in 2020.

  1. Interactive chatbots

In 2019, the modern chatbots with AI integration will help to improve conversion rate significantly. They can talk to the customer under different scenarios naturally by the pre-configuration to consult, qualify leads, and close deals, as well as collect accurate insights for merchants to make the right decisions.

  1. Modern delivery system

Another e-Commerce predictor for 2019 online retail trends is the transformation in delivery services. Amazon starts to use drones to ship products in England, or with traditional shipping methods, companies have some new options to operate the services. Such as subscription-based delivery services would be enhanced remarkably with 2–hours shipping or in-day shipping, and cross-channel purchases are also served. This trend will encourage more in 2019 with the support from modern technologies, which bring the smooth operation and detailed management for increase sale volume.

Online Retail-oriented with customer behavior

  1. Customized user experience

Wishlist and collections are excellent examples of customized experience. These kinds of data reflect the interests and behavior of customers for merchants to provides the right activities. Additionally, e-Commerce companies can easily find out which things customers like the most to buy with specific age groups and gender.

  1. Shopping through Social Media

Nowadays, Various Online e-Commerce platform available through that you can run your business. Moreover, you can also take advantage of Social media. Social Networking websites are the new trend for Retail business. This approach helps to reach more end users as social media used by more number of people. You can use Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram.

  1. Online retail followed by B2B e-Commerce

It was noted that the revenue of B2B e-Commerce reaches 5 trillion USD in 2017 and it is predicted to grow 6.7 trillion USD in 2020 and B2C Retail also put a good impact in the past year. B2B e-Commerce has the same movements to ensure the capabilities of serving huge sale volumes for brands. 2 crucial factors lead to an increase in B2B revenue, which are the support from high-tech solutions and the principle. Never compete with customers from great B2B companies.

  1. Omni-Channel e-Commerce

Omni-Channel e-Commerce is growing up because of Online Retail not due to in store-shopping. As e-Commerce is expanded consumer behavior can divide into 2 groups. Where 51% of shoppers prefer Online purchases and 49% of shoppers feel better in physical stores. So Omni-channel will continue to be more complete as the primary trend in 2019.

  1. Payments and cashback

Nowadays, customers have plenty of methods to use and with the rising of cryptocurrency and many new payment gateways, the landscape of payment services would be much more diverse in 2019. To stay in competition with others, payment services are starting to offer cashback function, a little amount of money can be send to buyers as a small saving, it could be the benefit to encourage consumers to buy more.

Final Thoughts,

E-Commerce itself a vast field of business, as it includes many things in one roof. As time has been past day by day new technologies are emerging. To grab the attention of more people for shopping it is essential for e-Commerce to keep updated with technology and fulfill customer demands.

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