Functionalities for Super Admin

Technology Needs

Choosing the proper framework for developing a successful eCommerce app is a bit challenging. To make it stand out, we will require you to set your business goal, targeted customers, and budget, and we will do the rest. We will help you choose the best CMS platforms between Magento, Shopify, Drupal, Zen Cart, and other SaaS models for developing future-ready e-commerce applications for you.


Stability is a must-have feature of an eCommerce application to maintain the brand reputation. Using an app that is stable, reliable, and helps customers to make an easy purchase without any hassle can make your eCommerce business even more successful. Tecocraft uses emerging technologies to build stable, bug-free, and high-performing mobile applications with in-depth feature testing to ensure the app works well at its optimum level.


For every successful business, it is vital to analyze metrics and KPIs in order to enhance mobile applications for the best user experience. We provide BI-based analytics and outperforming development strategies for developing top-quality e-commerce apps to increase user engagement. We transform your data into actionable insights to help you make a better and thoughtful decision.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Connecting various sellers and vendors with respective prospects may be difficult for many e-commerce businesses. We build a better marketplace that allows retailers and vendors to sell their products effectively to get more business profit. Tecocraft is a renowned eCommerce app development agency. We provide multi-vendor solutions that help you manage your product and vendor commission process more efficiently.

Functionalities for Admin

Extremely Fast-Loading Speed

Research shows that over 40% of people leave a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load, and they prefer to use applications that load instantly and deliver the best shopping experience. We follow a nimble development approach to craft an eye-catchy design of your application with high-quality features, ensuring ultra fast-loading speed on all mobile devices.

Easy Navigation

E-commerce apps must have straightforward product navigation to provide a better user experience with thousands of products. We use cutting-edge technologies and the best methodologies to create intuitive native or hybrid mobile applications to give a pleasant shopping experience in all areas, including product category-wise search, account management, and shopping cart visibility.

Data Security

Data security is one of the biggest concerns for any online business to protect it from suspicious and malicious cyberattacks. We do not use the standard FTP for transferring the file to prevent such attacks and provide extra layer security. We implement the most robust security technologies to ensure regular updates of shopping carts and data backups to eliminate the risk of data theft.


Product recommendation plays a vital role in helping people find the right product based on their browsing behavior. It gives a personalized shopping experience for customers and encourages them to browse more products and make a purchase accordingly. Thus, product recommendations increase conversion rates more efficiently.

Want to scale up your E-commerce Store? We can help you build the most startling and intuitive E-commerce app for your online store.

Customer App

Easy onboarding

The hassle-free onboarding process for instant logins.

Native app

Provide enhanced services to the respective platform with native apps.

Product categories

Easy to navigate and search for the product with product categorization.

Product navigation

Easy product navigation with the internal search bar.

Multiple payment modes

The fast and smooth payment process with options, like debit/credit cards, payment gateways, etc.

Multilingual support

It Improved communication and interaction with multilingual support.

Shopping cart

Allow users to add multiple products to the cart at once and check out whenever they wish.

Add to favourites

Add products to their favorites to purchase them later or when the price gets down.


Provide the most impressive and interactive look & feel for customers with promotional banners.


Place ads regarding various offers and product updates through advertising.

Customer ratings & reviews

Allows people to submit their ratings and reviews after purchasing the product.

Profile settings

Easy to customize the profile for a better and personalized experience.

Push notifications

Keep your customer informed about each detail of their order through push notifications.

Discount Coupons and Promo Codes

Encourage users to buy products at a discounted price with promo codes and discount coupons.

Quick View

It gives customers quick access to product detail without reloading the whole product.

Social media login

Easy to log in with social media profiles to save time and effort.

Admin Panel

Real-time dashboard

The real-Time dashboard gives easy monitoring and functioning of e-commerce apps.

Banner & Ads management

It allows you to manage banners and run ads in the app efficiently.

Product management

Easy to manage and organize the product and displaying them in a well-defined way.

Store management

Easy to manage the store and the product detail and pricing that are ready for sale in the app.

Staff management

Allow the admin to manage all staff or team members more effectively.

Catalogue management

Easy to manage the product listing or product catalog from the app.

Product addition

Admin can add or remove the product from the product listing.

Order tracking

Ensure on-time product delivery through order tracking for better customer service.

Order history

Allows the admin to check the order history for future reference.

Customer data

Admin can save and store customer data for future needs.


Gather reports and analytics on time to check performance.

Special offer creation

The feature allows the admin to create various special offers for users.

Advanced Feature

Seller app

Allows sellers to manage their sales with an easy-to-use seller app.

Multi-vendor solution

Allows admin to connect with many vendors with an integrated multi-vendor solution.

E-wallet integration

Allow customers to save their card information for faster transactions.

AI & ML integration

Give a personalized user experience by integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Live Customer Support

Answer the customer's queries and improve the user experience through uninterrupted 24/7 customer support.

Customizable User Dashboard

Easy to use and personalized dashboard for users to address their requirements.

Daily Deals

Drive more customer attention to bring sales through a daily deal section.


Allows customers to add products to their wishlist to purchase later or when the price gets down.

Store pickup

Allows you to choose the product directly from the store.

Credit options

Make the buying process easier with credit card options.

EMI facility

EMI options for customers to purchase the products in installments.

Live location

Allow the cancellation of rides due to some emergency through the live location.

100% Customization

We build fully customized eCommerce apps that address all your business needs and provide complete solutions, making the app the best for all users.

Source Code Authority

We allow you to own your source code after the end of the product delivery. We will never keep your source code with us until you permit.

Contemporary UI/UX

We follow the latest industry standards to offer our valuable customers the best and most pleasing shopping experience.

Top-class Quality

We perform multiple-stage quality checks and testing during the development process of your e-commerce apps to deliver seamless end-product to the customers.

Real-time Interaction Solutions

We provide the most interactive real-time solutions for excellent customer service. With our integrated live chat tools, you can answer the user's queries or concerns in real-time and build a better customer relationship.

Future Maintenance & Support

Building an e-commerce app requires a lifetime investment, so make sure it is made with perfection. We provide timely updates to ensure it works at its best with the latest OS version.

Latest Technology Stack

We utilize the latest technology stack and powerful frameworks to build a robust app for your e-commerce business. Our developers are much experienced in evolving innovations and technologies to craft future-ready applications.

Cost-effective & Timely Solutions

We deliver sophisticated solutions at affordable prices. We aim to build a robust, feature-rich, and customer-centric e-commerce app with on-time project delivery.

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