Looking to Build a Smart Education Management App for Your Business

Admin Features

Admin Controls

Admin can add colleges and universities based on his choice and accept or remove irrelevant & non-qualified users, either it is a student or tutor. The admin chat feature allows the users to send their academic-related queries directly to the admin.


Helps the admin to improve the app plans based on data including the services availed to set up for the future.


Allows the admin to check the number of hours spent by tutors to teach a student and manage the amount earned by them.

Real-Time Tracking

Allows the admin to track the requested order and details and accept/decline requests after verifying the user profile.

Integrated CRM Solution

Automate the contact lists, promotions, SMS messaging, direct mail and check-in with our integrated CRM software solution.


Admin can get a depth report analysis on each participant and subscriber to see how they engage and track the overall traffic on the app so he may plan out the best strategy accordingly.

Referral System

It enables the admin to create a referral system where users can easily refer the app to their friends, colleagues and family members to boost downloads and customer engagements.

Loyalty Programs

Admin can create different loyalty programs for users to build interests in the app and gain its advantages and earn loyalty.

Review Management

Admin can manage the ratings and reviews and respond to the queries to improve their level from the admin panel.

More Features

Allows the admin to add or remove the comments based on the ratings given by the user. Admin can also send links to get the feedback about the particular session or tutor.

User Features

Simple Signup Process

Users can signup with email and password and login by entering details, like university name, years of graduation, contact number, Facebook & LinkedIn URL, etc.

Fast & Easy Communication

The app allows tutors to communicate with students and parents, organizing classes, giving assignments, and tracking the daily progress of the students to see how they respond to a particular subject.

Booking Session

Pre-booking and on-the-spot booking are the two booking sessions allocated for students to book their online classes. In pre-booking, students can make the booking of their classes for a specified date and time while on-the-spot booking allows instant booking of classes.

Instant Notifications

Automatically get notified about the class session before 5 minutes. Admin can send notifications about request approval or rejection and users (students/tutors) will get notification regarding their activities.

In-Built Message

Allows tutors and students to chat and message to engage with each other through in-built message functionality.

Payment Process

Users can make payments through master or visiting cards with the Stripe payment gateway system and check their transactions history. Generally, the payment is made through the wallet by firstly crediting the balance to the wallet.

Customized one-on-one platform

The app provides full flexibility for learners to learn when they desire and for tutors to teach either for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes to 1-2 hours, and as long as they wish, depending on the subject matter and availability of students and get paid equally.

OTP and Referral Code

One-Time-Password verification system is used to verify email and to make the payment process more secure. The user can get a referral code and send it to other users to get benefits from it.

Rating & Reviews

Users can write and submit ratings & reviews after completing their session to share their experience about the service and the app.

More Features

During the live session, the PIP feature allows the users to use another app at once on the same screen. Implemented Colour Bifurcation system to identify tutors by red and students by grey colour.

Looking to build a smart education management app for your business

Top Benefits

Saves time and money with a fully managed and easy to use E-learning/tutor app
Connect with thousands of students and universities through a single platform
Complete flexibility to learn when suitable.
Easy to manage and organize the classes, give assignments, unit tests and check performance
Provides the most consistent and standardized way of learning
Help in retaining info for a longer time.

How We Scale-Up Different Tutor App for Your Business

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