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1. What is Hire Developer Services?

Hire Developer service is the latest concept of outsourcing software developers to work on your project. Hire developer service allows you to hire an individual or an entire team of dedicated developers based on your project size and business requirements.

Geographical time zone limits would not affect the progress and implementation of your project as our dedicated developers can work partially during your time zone no matter when and where needed.

However, it can affect the monthly charges mentioned on the website which are the charges for India’s working hours from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM IST).

Yes, we provide complete flexibility to hire one or more developers or programmers for you to work on your projects.

Yes, all our developers are full-time employees of Tecocraft Ltd., and each developer follows the company’s policies about intellectual property, code of conduct, security, and other aspects that may affect your work.

We can provide you with resources with your desired skill-set in less than 3-4 working days.

Yes, our developers can work on-demand based on your time zone and availability. The monthly prices will slightly change as mentioned on the website.

Our developers will send you a worksheet with each detail of the completed work at the end of the day. Apart from that, we will provide some powerful tools so you can track hours spent by our developer on your project work.

This means you will only pay for what our developers have worked for you. We will reduce all risk factors involved in software development outsourcing with our powerful tracking devices.

We guarantee you that you get the best deliverables from our developers that satisfy your needs in minimal time & cost.

It will automatically take the screenshot of the active monitor up to 6 times within an hour. It would capture all that is displayed on the developer screen in the form of a screenshot.

You can easily identify how many clicks and keystrokes are made by the developer pc.

It will also allow you to take a Camera snapshot (which is optional) of the developer’s face along with the predefined screenshots.

The screenshot will show you the name of the active window and application.

Each developer is our full-time employee and we have hired them through ultra-careful interviews and background checks before arrival at the job. And we will provide several highly skilled developers, whom you can interview and shortlist to work on your project.

Thus, we allow you to check the candidate’s skills and choose the best suitable resource for your project.

A full-time hiring model allows you to hire our developers at fixed costs and you can treat them as they are your extended employees.

In this model, you can directly manage the developer(s) and the project, ensuring optimum efficiency, cost savings, and full control over the entire development process.

How it works:

  • Each designated developer will work based on the given contracts and project requirements.
  • You can have full control over the entire project management.
  • The entire work process will be done at our development centre
  • It will let you communicate with the developer via Email, Chat, Skype, and Phone.
  • The payment conditions will be decided after finalizing the project

Part-time hiring is pretty similar to full-time hiring, it requires developers to work on a part-time basis with a minimum of 80 hours of work in a month.

In this model, you can hire our developer(s) on an hourly basis and pay according to hours filled by developers on your project work. The hourly hiring model is also called the “Time and Materials” model.

No, there is not any additional cost excluding things that have been stated on a website.

We accept payments through Wire Transfer, Net Banking, Credit Card, Google Pay, etc.

Yes, we do. We highly pay attention to protect your sensitive and confidential information more professionally.

From us, you will get the full ownership and copyrights of all intellectual property developed by our developers for you. We guarantee you that only you can get the advantage from your investments.

Tecocraft provides the most secure development environment with firewalls, passwords, and high-end encryption safeguarding to our developers. With us, it’s impossible to get unauthorized access to any sensitive data and commercial secrets of yours.

We generally provide around 6 months of dedicated development contracts to our clients for their project work. But, if they wanna extend or continue the steady workflow for a long period, then we can opt for even the whole project team to focus and work on your project alone.

Yes, you can! For more information, please contact at

Our skilled developers possess a minimum of 1 to 10 years of experience in their respective fields.

We assign a skilled project manager for your project work, who will be in contact with you via email and messenger. If you choose synced working hours, you can communicate with the project manager over Skype as well.

We send you daily & weekly work status reports to keep you updated on the ongoing progress of the project and work completed. We send all reports on completed tasks, work-in-progress, and scheduled tasks to work on in the next few days.

We make use of advanced project management tools to define and assign multiple tasks to different team members along with project time completion.

Yes, we do. If we talk about websites, especially e-commerce stores that require frequent updates when it comes to adding or removing products & categories.

We offer post maintenance & support services after the project completion based on the assigned contract terms.

Yes, why not! You may visit our work portfolio to see our work design proficiency.

This is the rarest case, and if you face any problem with your developer, then you may directly contact our project manager. We will guarantee to take off the developer from your project and provide an instant replacement at the earliest.

It’s very easy and simple. You can communicate with our developer through Instant Messengers, such as Skype, Email, Chat, Google Meet, Zoom, etc.). You can always contact them via emails and can make a call with the developer during office hours.

Our developer will send a daily work report through emails at the end of the day. And if you wish to get your daily work uploaded on a web server, they can also do it for you.


1. How do I test a Developer service?

Before you finalize the developer, we will arrange a conference call with the developer to help you choose the most suitable candidate for your project work. You can interview and shortlist the candidate to work on your project accordingly.

Additionally, you may visit our work portfolio.

With over 5 years of industry expertise, we have built better relationships with our clients across the globe by delivering high-quality web & app development services.

We have a more than 84% customer retention rate and that’s the reason why our clients love to refer us for their customers, making firm belief and strong business ethics. We will provide 100% privacy.

Trust and reputation are the two important aspects of any business. We take 100% care to protect your sensitive & confidential information about your custom web application professionally. We sign a specific NDA that binds all our employees to the terms.

The cost of web application development mainly depends on the scope of the project and its requirements. After knowing your project specifications, we will send you a quote along with the completion time.

We offer highly cost-effective web app development costs to our clients because we employ unique methodology and hiring plans.


1. How many apps have you worked on?

With over 5 years of experience, Tecocraft has been offering top-rated mobile app development services to help clients modernize their business in the digital world. Till now, we have executed approximately 50+ Android & iOS mobile application development since we started.

Once you give us detailed requirements of what types of application you want including the features, we will send a quote within 24 hours.

We hold a dedicated team of highly experienced mobile app developer(s), so it is the rarest case that we don’t get an answer from our developers. And if it occurs, our developers strive hard to find a solution from the internet. No matter how complex it is, we will help you find the best solution in all cases.

Yes, we do! Till now, we also have published some of our own apps in the App Store. But we deeply focus on delivering top-rated outsourcing mobile app development services to help our clients meet their business needs.

Digital Marketing

1. Why pay for SEO services monthly?

SEO is one type of process, which requires continuous implementation of numerous strategies and techniques until you get a good result from it. If you choose monthly SEO services, you can make changes in your strategy at any time whenever you want to add or remove things at the end of the month. Thus, it is most preferred by clients to avail monthly SEO packages.

To rank a website in search results, Google takes an average time for websites through optimization (SEO) methods is approximately three to six months. Google’s results generally take between 90-180 days to jump to the front, based on sector competitiveness and keywords of popularity.

If you stop doing SEO when your website reaches the top ranks, it will not affect your website immediately. Your website may sustain its ranking for a while depending on the market it competes in.

And it may degrade your website ranking if it doesn’t find an active SEO strategy implementation. Thus, you need to continue doing SEO of your website to maintain a top search ranking of your website.

Content is the best way to let search engines know about your business and target the right keywords to get healthy traffic accordingly. We highly pay attention to make sure your website is presented perfectly along with its core objectives to search engines.

Yes, investing in SEO has never been a waste of money. With the growing use of mobile and the Internet, it has become an essential part of a small and mid-size business to big brands. It helps businesses get more traffic, higher rankings, and customers to gain credibility.

We make use of white-hat and as well as black-hat (if required by the client) SEO techniques to help businesses scale up on the top in search engine results with minimal time.