How You Can Generate Leads from Mobile Apps

Generate Leads From Mobile Apps

How You Can Generate Leads from Mobile Apps

To run a successful business, it is essential to track and generate leads. Many Companies are used to implement different CRM systems to track their customers, deals, transactions, conversions and other parameters. The world of mobile is really dynamic and it has more effective and easy solutions for business leads.

The usage of Mobile App in lead generation has turned into a crucial component of the core CRM strategy. It has so many great features, the product makes it possible to not only boost business when it is the right moment for that but also generate as many users as possible. Let’s discuss efficient ways to generate leads from mobile apps.

How Mobile Apps can use to Generate Leads?

Mobile apps can appear to be an effective way to boost productivity and the company’s sales. They are important for enterprises that are eager to accelerate and gain more revenue. When it comes to certain ways to generate leads from mobile apps, they may range from simple tracking at a particular event or more complicated methods.

1. Use sign up form to acquire data

A Sign-up form is a common feature for almost every app. This is the idea to make a subscriber to indicate that person’s name, email, and password in order to get access to necessary content. On the other hand, such a method is a good option from the safety perspective. Moreover, businesses can also benefit from the signing up process, as it can help to generate valuable data from a potential consumer.

This thing is up to you what type of information to ask for. Apart from the name and email address, you can take information like position in a company, phone number, enterprise name, and other relevant information. As well as, you have to keep the right balance while you design these fields because as plenty of information requested by the app may result in low level of users’ engagement. They may simply refuse to provide personal data.

2. Generate More Ways to get Personal Data

Apart from sign up forms, Mobile Application can use with some other great ways to encourage your potential clients to provide personal information. The key to success is in interactive features that you can implement in your app. They may include some entertaining options that come more like a gaming experience, as an example,

  • Quiz and feedback polls
  • Trivia questions
  • Sweepstakes
  • By taking surveys
  • Personality tests

These are interactive and entertaining ways, with this you can get the necessary data from users. Moreover, you can deliver a more entertaining user’s experience. Apps can be a part of the CRM storage system. Once a user provides feedback on a product, that person will be immediately delivered to the CRM system as a lead. The more information you can get, the more you can get an advantage.

3. Tracking Software is a Must

Mobile App Tracking is king. With too many tools and software, tracking can be easily implemented in the app and handle data recordings, detect channels and create reports describing all inbound leads.

Once you have all the necessary information in your app, it will ensure sales staff and other departments that this data will always be at hand featuring remote access in spite of location. Such a feature can come in handy at the meetings or online conferences.

4. Advertise your Content

Another option to generate leads from mobile apps is to use advertising methods and there are plenty of solutions. From video ads that engage users to social media campaigns emphasis on every group of customers, or even search Ads which put your app in front of your competitors.

You just require to discover what works best for you and to find the right format that will make users interested in your product. Don’t forget that a clear call-to-action is necessary for converting users and for transforming your app in a lead generation weapon. In case you want to select an ad network you need to be careful with what you choose and to keep your business away from unlawful activities. Don’t let yourself mislead by fake promises because ad fraud is the most dangerous threatening of the current time. You have to be informed and to make sure that your app gets to real and loyal users.

In fact, Juniper Research reveals that ad fraud will cost advertisers approximately $19 billion this year, a sum which is equal to 9% of total digital ad spend. It is projected that until 2022 this will reach near to $44 billion.


So, these are just some tips that will help you to count new customers very soon. Remember that you require to adapt them according to your services and to keep your eyes on your data during the process. This is the only way to understand if you are on the correct path or not. Take advantage of your mobile app to enhance your business.

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