How can an iOS App Developers Proceed with the Changes of iOS 12?

IOS App Developers Changes IOS 12

How can an iOS App Developers Proceed with the Changes of iOS 12?

It’s been a while entering the world of iOS 12. With iOS 12, Apple also released some of the new hardware and is still in continuation. The hardware with the large screen display size, watch series, and many more are been continuously launched and released.

All this come with the keynote instructions and different specifications. But what does all this mean to iOS app developers?

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About 78% of all the devices have been introduced with iOS 12 in last 4 years and about 75% of all the devices are using iOS 12.

There are few changes in the iOS 12 that impacted the iOS app developers.

What are these changes?

1.  ARKit 2

The first change for the developers is, now you can create the AR multiplayer games. This is the biggest step towards the AR technology and guidance for all kind of gaming scenario including any world map data structure for sharing across games.

What ARKit 2 includes is object detection. Object detection is the trending part of AR nowadays. It lets you effectively give markerless AR in a sense. Let’s say, you are at the airport and want some information about the plane you are looking at. What you need to do is point your phone towards that “plane” and you’ll get every information related to that plane. The other and more simple example can be detecting the different types of flowers and trees.

Taking all this into consideration, there is a step further technology. You can also incorporate the real objects by scanning it to your AR experience. As you can already guess, the faster the iOS device, the faster it will scan the real objects and this little nugget has the far-reaching capabilities which you can not even imagine right now.

2. Siri Shortcut

What you can do is you can define the shortcuts for the Siri through donations your code makes available to Siri. You can also allow users to use particular actions as shortcuts. Now that the shortcuts are assigned to Siri, your users can open your app, check out some info, do some actions and all that without opening the app manually. Now all this have a bad impact on iOS app developers. How? The answer is how the users will see the ads, or get my users to interact with my screen display for retaining engagements. These are the concerns of the developers. So, now welcome to the world of “Time well spent” methodology where the aim is to reduce the amount of time people are spending with their smart devices and electronics.

Earlier, the try was every person in the world should have smartphones and app in their hand but not today. Today every person has the technology in hand and today the try is to stop the people to spend most of their time with smart devices. The world is growing with the continuation of mobile app development and smart device development. Apple is helping to step it forward with the Siri shortcuts and common apps like Buzzfeed, and Evernote is already using this in their app.

In fact, approximately there are 300 apps that use this Siri enabled shortcuts in the App store. This allows the user to get a custom to not touch their phone and perform every task they need to do. So, make sure that your app is integrated with this feature to that you are not kicked behind from your competitors who have already integrated the one.

3. Health Records

If you have a healthcare app, then this is just for you. Now users can share their clinical records through the apps while giving the read-only access to the developers. The read-only access is to the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources(FHIR) from the HealthKit store. What Apple says about this, is the data is regularly updated in FHIR.

So, if you have a weight loss app and want to incorporate someone’s real medical history into your apps algorithm for their proper diet plan- then you can do that. Of course, after making your privacy policy solid, you can do this.

4. Authentication Services

Earlier, sharing of authentication login was not possible but now you can between Safari and apps. For instance, you have a website that’s locked behind a login, and mobile app that accesses the same data – Now you can allow your apps to snatch any stored login you’ve used previously on the web to log in to your app or vice versa.

5. CarPlay for Navigation apps

iOS 12 has something new. It lets the developers display certain parts of that app in automobile audio systems enabled with CarPlay. This is only for navigation based apps.

6. Replacements

Olds are out and news’ are in, iOS 12 has begun its shout out to end some classic calls you might be used to. So here’s what Apple is discouraging the use of and will eventually kill it entirely.

Entering the era of Metal replacing OpenGL ES and OpenCL. Apple now enforces the iOS app developers to not use OpenGL ES and instead use Metal. The apps with graphics-intensive and games should also get adopted with Metal.

Metal is designed for lifting up the best access to the modern GPUs, macOS, and tvOS devices. Metal exposes the latest graphics processing technologies and avoids the inherent in legacy technology. Similar to this, the apps with OpenCL should start to adopt the Metal and Metal Performance Shader.

7. Pencil Interaction

Handles double tap interaction when users double tap on a pencil. It allows the user to access functionalities of your app by double tapping on the pencil. When your app supports the pencil interaction, it allows the user to perform an action in a quick way such as switching between drawing tools by simply double tapping their Apple Pencil.


So, these are the few changes that can help you with mobile app development in iOS 12. Start your iOS app development with these changes so that you can easily get updated with the coming trends. If possible, hire the expert iOS app developers or team to develop an app for iOS according to your requirements.

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