How Did Healthcare Industry Transform In The UK In 2021?

How Did Healthcare Industry Transform In The UK In 2021?

Healthcare is one of the most evolving industries consisting of many trends and transformations depending upon the nature of ailments and diseases widespread throughout the year. This point holds major significance, especially during the time when the whole world is finding out ways to deal with the COVID – 19 Pandemic.

In fact, over 69% of the medical professionals have discussed the impact of Covid-19 in carefully considering IT for daily hospital routine and management. The onset of this virus has brought about a series of transformations in the healthcare industries worldwide. When talked about the United States, many trends can be observed in 2021 to bring about a positive change in the healthcare domain.

Advancements in technology have completely reshaped the healthcare sector. Some of the major changes are observed as follows:



Technology and AI have proved to be of great value in the healthcare industry. The current technological trends help to diagnose and treat patients more accurately. Many medicines are personalized using AI and it has been a rich source in terms of medical trials and research.

Digital data inclusion is the most current technological trend in healthcare, so much so that this shall form a part as the topic of research with the main topic of AI for the DavosAgenda summit 2021.



The onset of the COVID -19 pandemic has promoted distant means to perform functions away from the crowd, so much so, that it has highly improved the use of TeleHealth Resources. These devices are worn by healthcare professionals to have real-time info. About their patients resting at their homes.

TeleHealth Resources include services like virtual appointments, maintenance of Electronic Health Records ( EHR ), and Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ) to establish fluent communication between doctors and patients. The apps providing such services are called Tele Medicine Apps and it consists of cloud-based server solutions to perform its functions. UK telemedicine apps like MediSprout V2MD patient companion app, Synzi Virtual Care App, YoY, Tropical Healthcare, etc., have seen a dramatic spike during the pandemic.



The Big Data analytics regarding healthcare are aggregated and observed to lay down predictions in terms of health care. The growth in Digitalization and Digital Transformation in 2021 have accelerated technical capabilities to follow precision in the field of Medicine and develop the ability to forecast the future of current health systems.

In this way, the predictive analytics held digitally, help to acknowledge current healthcare provisions and even aid in formulating better systems in the coming future.



Virtual Reality ( VR ) is a vastly expanding field even in the healthcare industry. It deals with customizable treatment procedures to suit the patients. The possible procedures are better understood using 3D scanning and skills practising.

  • Vivid Vision: to examine eye condition optimally
  • Accuvein: to see and apprehend the veins on the surface of the skin
  • Mind Motion Pro: to aid in the improvement of patients recovering from a stroke
  • Medical Realities: an educational program to assist students, to know more about virtual reality and Doctors, to undertake surgeries in a better way.


Prior to 2020, it was pretty easy for hackers to get their hands on the data of healthcare service providers due to minimal attention given to digital security provisions. Ransomware attacks were a common sight at that time which resulted in slowed down operations of hospitals and healthcare service providers and shutting down of IT systems across the UK.

But now, in 2021 situations have changed drastically. With most of the transactions taking place virtually, Cyber Security has been given topmost priority now to secure the data stored in the systems and maintain good cyber hygiene. Cloud-enabled digital tech has now made data storage easy and even safe.



UK government has allocated the funds with respect to varied fields in the Healthcare Industry. They had announced a £7 Billion in funding package to the NHS and adult social care to detect and diagnose the Covid–19 infections using a combination of computed tomography imaging, analyzing electron via microscopy, and performing whole-genome sequencing.

$2 billion is allocated for the reimbursement of the tribal healthcare systems in a proper manner and to replace the lost revenues.



Software solutions aimed at easing out the workload of doctors. Such software also helps in performing analytics that is, computing the progress of the patient since the beginning of the disease. The medical solutions are updated with the latest tech trends to help in creating a secure and strong portfolio of patients.

The digital analytics offered by software solutions is beneficial for not only conducting research but also for treating patients. As one can get more accurate results from the clinical trials. Investing in healthcare digital analytics can be both cost-effective as well as providing quality care to the patients. The smart devices can give the doctors access to important signs of patients and thereby, remotely conduct the treatment for an individual patient also.



So, by analyzing the trends and transformations in the Healthcare Industry in the UK in 2021, it can be easily observed that the United Kingdom is putting constant efforts to uplift their healthcare facilities and to make each and every citizen capable of using this advancement for their benefit. Thus, the new tech transformation in the Medical sector simplifies the surgeries, raises the possibilities for the speedy recovery of the patient, improving the clinical setup for patients, and the list goes on.

Garima Jhawar
Published: March 12, 2021

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