How To Create A School Mobile Application: Features & Cost

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How To Create A School Mobile Application: Features & Cost

In current times, mobile apps are becoming an important part of our lifestyle. Many of our routine tasks are controlled and managed through mobile apps only. Talking about the education sector, school mobile apps are very integral for teachers, students as well as their parents. Such apps help to keep the track of syllabus and students performance.

However, the layout of this app may vary from school to school, but it usually focuses on conducting one-on-one interactions and access school information. Few other things are listed below:

  • Overview of the lunch menu.
  • The fundraiser can be promoted.
  • Any school event can be registered.
  • The School calendar can be synced with the mobiles calendar.
  • The reminder can be given to parents.

Let us discuss the features to be built while developing a school mobile app.


The features of a school mobile app can be categorized into three perspectives; one as per the student, the other as per the school admin, and then lastly as per the parents. Thus, the panels also vary for different users and their requirements.


While developing the school mobile app, more emphasis must be made on the students panels as they are the most revenue-generating users of this app. Hence, the students-centric features must be added like:

– Sign Up: The students can register themselves on the app through their email ID or social networking credentials.

Updated Parents: Now, the students just cant befool their parents by any means, thanks to this app. All the updates about their performances are notified to their parents.

Stay Motivated: Parents can keep a real-time check on their children through this app. This way students can stay motivated with their parents.

Google Maps: All types of school events and activities can be located with Google Maps:

> Built-in schedule tracker & homework.

> Instant alerts & pop-up messages.

> School newsletters on the mobile app.

> Instant information about the latest courses.

> Deliver absentee notes.


This panel is designed as per the requirements of school management and administration. Some of its common features are listed below:

Conveniently Send Notes To ParentsThe staff can securely give reminders & class notes to the parents through the app.

Harmony With ParentsThe app helps in maintaining healthy relations between the parents and school.

Reliable: For each update & message notification or receipt is being sent.

Cost-Effective: Since the app reduces a lot of paperwork & prints newsletters, it is financially beneficial for the school administration.

Time Saving: With almost everything present on the app including FAQs, there is no need to constantly answer unnecessary queries and phone calls.

Fast Communication: The school administration can interact with the parents anytime the need arrives.

No Restriction Of Data: All types of files can be attached in the school app including files, pictures, hyperlinks, PDFs, etc.


The school apps are not only limited to management purposes, rather they are highly used by the parents to effectively track their childs activities in the following manner:

Attendance Management: Now the traditional way of taking attendance on the register is a matter of bygone period. The app allows teachers to take attendance virtually, this automatically generates the attendance register. This is further accessible by parents anytime.

Online Fee Payment: The world is going paperless as well as cashless. Online fee payment is the most integral feature of this app that allows parents to pay the fee safely through the mobile app.

Access To Grades: The indulgence of parents in their childs school activities, ultimately helps to improve not only students but also school. Parents can easily check their childs grades, work assignments, test scores and see the progress themselves through the app.


Apart from the above features, there are some effective extra features as mentioned below:

Real-Time Push Notification: There can be any kind of urgency like a school bus going late, sending attendance records, grades, or an urgent holiday/half-day, etc. Then, a push notification can be sent to parents as well as students by the school admin via the app. These function in real-time.

In-chat: This feature helps in user interactions within the app. One can chat instantly with the respective authority for any clarification.

Gamification: Most of the educational apps are now in the form of AR & VR-based games. This makes the kids learning easy as well as fun.

Video Sessions: This is mainly helpful for conducting smart classes via live interactions and tutorials with the mentor. This helps in providing instant clarity to the students and also seeks feedback from students for improvement in future sessions.

Mock Tests: The school app would be incomplete without the tests. Here, the students can analyze their performance by giving mock tests. In this way, they are more prepared for the actual exams.


The features of the mobile school app are only attractive if they fit into the budget to develop one such app. The cost is directly proportional to the size & complexity of the app. Further, the time consumed in developing the mobile app also outlines the overall cost of the app.

The cost of the mobile app varies as per different zones:

  • For Eastern Europe-based developers, it costs up to $80 to $180 each hour.
  • For US-based developers, it ranges from $100 to $250 per hour.
  • For India-based developers, the cost ranges from $70 to $180 per hour.

There are different segments in the process of app development, that influence the cost of school mobile app development. The details of it are given below:

  • The cost of UI/UX design for 60 hours ranges from $1500 to $3000.
  • The testing itself costs between $2000 to $4000 for up to 80 hours.
  • The cost of technical documentation starts from $1000 and goes up to $2000 for 40 hours.
  • The front-end and back-end development costs from $10,000 to $20,000 for about 400 hours.

After analyzing the above overhead costs, a reasonable school mobile app development would cost from $8000 to $25000 for a single channel. However, the price can rise up to $35,000, if the app requires high-quality standards and rich features.


To sum up, school mobile app must be designed and developed in a way, keeping in mind the concerns of its end-users. It should be engaging and friendly to use by the students, parents, and school admin. Further, teachers must also find it convenient to navigate and conduct sessions & tests. This is a great app for virtual usage by its targeted audience.

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