How to Create Great UI for Your Mobile App in 2019

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How to Create Great UI for Your Mobile App in 2019

In Past years we have seen many new frameworks for Mobile App Development. Which increase the ease in developing and now we are gearing up to face new challenges. In 2019 don’t just focus on new technologies and features but also pay attention to App Designing.

You do not have second opportunity to create an impression on the end user. As the years continue to roll one after the other, the trends also keep updating with the implementation of new design tactics. Users like those apps which contain excellent Mobile app design.

When you create a Mobile Application, there is no assurance that your app is as much success as like Amazon, Instagram, etc. The statistics said that 60% of the mobile apps are never downloaded, and out of the downloaded apps 21% apps are used only once in 2018. There are maybe several reasons why people don’t download your app and the lack of interactive UI is one of the primary cause.

So, here are some latest trends for designing the UI that you can follow to stay in competition…

  1. Use story-telling approach

As per the trends changing, gone are the days when you would probably engage your users with content. There are various methods of illustrating the app’s features and functionalities.

One of the better ways is to go for the story-telling technique with meaningful images and videos. You must have heard the pictures and videos speak louder than words. So, apply that formula.

In fact, the app designers are including the real human-like character for a productive interaction with the users. This converts the regular app into a vibrant one based on the composition.

  1. Include Overlapping Effects

This change in mobile app design would remain in the limelight for this year is the use of overlapping for the fonts, graphics and images and so on. It would make UI design well furnish and provide the feeling of a spacious room.

  1. Design App Without Buttons

Did you ever think about User Interface without buttons? The answer is yes. In this advanced era, it is Possible. How? Let take an example of one of the favorite social networking app, Instagram. Did you find any button that use to change the story backward or forward? Exactly, there is no button to change the story. There are many e-Commerce applications where you can just drag the product directly to the cart. So, if you want to make your app look more appealing, assure that you add this feature to your App.

  1. FullScreen Background Images

The Fullscreen Images at the Background have been in a trend as it makes the page Look more appealing and encourages the readers to navigate more. This has been noticed that users usually spend more time at the Web pages with full-screen background images as it renders them a sense of realism and authenticity. So, make sure that you make it as a part of your User Interface design.

  1. Customized UI Interface

First and foremost is to render a picture-perfect experience that will help to keep your users occupied and will ultimately enhance your user involvement. With the help of a customized interface, your users will be able to load the page without any transition and with this, it makes sure that the entire content is accessible from the homepage itself.

  1. Using the Dynamic Colors Intelligently

We are already known that color plays a decisive role in the UI design of the mobile application. Moreover, the colors are one of the crucial tools using which the designers can show their creativity and their designing skill.

Colors play the almost same role as background images because they grab the attention of the users. You should also note that even big players of the app market such as Whatsup, Facebook and Instagram etc keep changing their color combinations just to change the mood of the users. Colors help to set the artistic tone of the app.

  1. Voice Assistance in User-Interface

The Voice-assisted interfaces are going to a crucial trend in 2019. If you think about Siri, Then you are right. Voice-Activated Interfaces is one of the UX trends that make it easier for users to navigate the app using voice commands and without using their fingers.

Why you should adopt these trends?

  1. Stay in Competition

We all know about the current enhanced level of competition, which is scaling to new heights. So, you have to follow the trends not to fall back behind this stiff competition.

  1. Smooth Navigation

These UI trends will help to smoothen the navigation of your mobile app and the users will get a much faster loading speed.

  1. Promotion of your brand

Design of App contributes their part to promote your brand and business. It will use to grab user attention through different ways and thus more people keep visiting your website.


The Mobile Application Development process is undergoing a Revolution. Day by day we see many new technologies are added with App Development. The Mobile app Design will also get updating with time. It will offer a new learning curve for the developers and the app designers. Moreover, it is essential for the current app market to stay in the stiff competition.

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