How to Increase Conversion Rate of Your Website

Website Conversion Rate

How to Increase Conversion Rate of Your Website

There are millions of websites on the internet. So, there are going to many websites for the same business as yours. So, being found is very difficult. So, you try to follow the SEO guidelines and secure a high SEO organic rank. This will ensure that you get more traffic on your website compared to your competitors. But, do you think traffic is your ultimate goal? You wanted to have huge traffic so that people can come to know about your business and thereby, they use your service and you make more profit. What good is the traffic if it does not get converted?

The average conversion rate for websites is recorded to be no more than just 2.35%. On the other hand, Facebook ads convert nearly 10-12% traffic. The rate is even more for certain kinds of ads. You might not want to spend thousands of ads on Facebook. You can achieve a greater conversion rate even with the proper organic marketing of your website.

What is a Conversion Rate?

The ratio of the users that visit your website and convert on an offer to subscribe to your service is called conversion rate. Conversion can be a subscription of service in any form – purchase from your website, register for webinars, lead magnets, etc.

It is very important to know the conversion rate of your website. That will let you know which marketing strategies are needed to be improved or what part of the content on the website needs to be improved. This will save you from great losses in the future. Suppose that your website’s conversion rate is very low, say 0.5%, and you do not realize it as you have not checked it, then, the rate will either stay constant or it might drop even lower. If you would have known about it, you could have done the required modifications on your website and the rate would have gone higher. So, knowing the conversion rate is very important.

Now that we know what the conversion rate is and its importance too, let us look at the ways that will help you increase the conversion rate of your website.

How to increase the conversion rate of your website?

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

Examine the data about your website using some analytics tool, say Google Analytics. From there try to derive a pattern upon which you can define a Conversion Rate Optimization strategy. You can take the help of a behaviour flow report too.

Your content should be very creative so that people spend ample time on the website. The more time they spend on your website, the more are chances of them converting to subscribe to your service. You can analyze to find the pages that are underperforming and try to optimize them to perform better. Also, keep refreshing the content to make it relatable to the present situation by removing older references.

  1. Optimizing Conversion Funnel

Awareness, Interest, Consideration, and Conversion are the four parts of a basic conversion funnel. Using these four you can analyze what makes the people aware of your brand, what engages with their interests, what makes them considerate about buying your product, and what convinced them into buying it actually. Start with a gut feeling, and then run tests and perform experiments to identify your flaws. Work on the flaws and make your website appropriate for more and more visitors to reach the bottom-most part of the funnel.

  1. Check if your offer is ideal for the visitors

Providing the users with just one option does not give them any kind of choice and so, they are bound to use just that. This feels like the product is being imposed on them, and so they would prefer to go to some other website that has more options. Providing multiple lead magnets is a much better choice than just one. This way you can even identify which product is liked more by the audience and so you can work accordingly on your other products. Remember that having just content is not important, but having optimized content is. Optimize your content and provide users with choices to know what they crave for. This way you will attract more people and most of them will convert too.

  1. Test what works and what does not

Record your audience’s behaviour on the website to know where people click, where they stop scrolling further, what part of the website they spend the most time on, etc. This way you can know the way people interact with your website. You are in a way testing which part is working for the users and which is not. Based on the observations, the part that is not doing as well as others can be worked upon and optimized. Also experiment with the length of the content, the frequency of posting on the website, the lead magnets, etc. It is your website. Play with it, but wisely. Play to extract information about what is boosting your business and what is not.

  1. Improve on the designs

Web designs involuntarily play a very crucial role in the conversion of visitors. People tend to prefer the minimalistic design that enhances the content. People make their first impression of the website in the first 1/20th of a second. Now, it is very obvious that they will not be able to go through the content of the website in this much time. So, they are going to look at the appearance only. It is said that ‘Never judge a book by its cover’, but hardly follow this protocol. People will judge your website from its design and decide whether or not to stay on it. So, try to keep the design as optimized as possible. The design will ensure the traffic and the content placement and type of content must ensure the conversion. Let the design help you increase the average time people spend on your website.

  1. Use different styles of forms

One of the reasons the visitors do not convert into customers can be the forms on your website. They do not want to spend so much time filling all the fields of the form. So, instead of keeping large forms with tonnes of fields, you can let them add the details via some third-party authentication form for fields with personal details. For the other fields, try to keep checkboxes in place of text-boxes wherever you can. That consumes less time. Try to enable auto-fill if you can. All this will make the mundane task of filling forms easier and so, it increases the chance of people not leaving the website in fear of forms.

  1. Add different call-to-action buttons

Try to add different types of calls to action buttons at various places. It has been observed to keep the users connected to the website. Starting a keyword for CTA with ‘Yes’ has a deeper impact on users’ minds. It throws light on the positivity of the offer. Analyze how different CTAs perform for your website and do the required modifications from time to time. It is not necessary for all the CTA buttons to have the same style. Buttons with different purposes can have different styles.

  1. Use endorsements for building trust

Try to post the quotes from your happy customers on the website. This will make it easy for other visitors to build trust in your business and this increases their chances of converting. Also, feedbacks are the most important factor that helps you in improving your product.

  1. Offer a refund scheme

Lure the users into buying your service by promising them a money-back guarantee in case of unsatisfactory service. The visitors try to avoid risk and make the purchase only when they are sure that the purchase is not going to be a waste of money. So, if you provide them the money-back guarantee, they will want to try it once at least. The trial can make them like the product and they might not return it. But you need to keep a track of orders being returned too. If more people are returning, then there must be some issue with the product. So, see that you optimize the product in such a way that the actual conversion rate is higher than the ones that turn your product down.

  1. Publish tutorials

People might be afraid to but your product if they are unsure about how to use it. So, publish a tutorial video through which they can learn how to use the product. This will build confidence in them and they will probably end up buying the product. Do not forget to mention the benefits of using the product at the end of the tutorial or fit them in the tutorial itself. Getting a visual about the advantages of the product is more effective than reading about it.

  1. Remove distractions

If there are distractions in the user’s way to the product, they might not like the experience and turn back easily. Remember that the sole purpose of the landing pages is to convert the visitors into customers. So, try to keep as few distractions as possible. Remove any confusing images from there and keep the testimonials and videos only if they are observed to do well. After removing them, do not forget to adjust the design of your page.

  1. Speed up the website

People do not open the browser with the prime goal of going to your website; it will hardly be the case. There can be multiple tabs open, something being processed on some of them. Users will also keep switching between the tabs frequently. So, try to keep your website’s loading time and processing time as fast as you can to let them not go to other websites. Keep them attached to the content on your website. Of course, you have worked hard on creating and publishing unique content. Now, do not let this go unnoticed just because of the slow loading of the page. Google’s Page Speed Insights will let you check the speed of your website. Try to optimize it. It will provide tips to do so too. Use them and make your website very fast.

These were some of the tips that can help you increase the conversion rate of your website. Now, it is time for you to implement these tips and observe its advantages practically. Use the tips on your website and earn more profit by increasing the conversion rate of your website.

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