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Admin Features


With a powerful dashboard, admin can manage the whole inventory, check stocks and warehouse the data in minimal time. He can also track records of retailers, suppliers and sales data from the user-friendly admin panel.

Stock Management

Allows the admin to manage the entire stock from the admin panel. He can edit or update details and send notifications to inform about the same.

Warehouse Management

It allows the admin to easily manage all details of the warehouse and he can edit, update and change the product details based on product availability.

Reporting Tools

Get in-depth insights and analytics data on stock and warehouse management and strategize the product’s stock accordingly.

Asset Tracking

Allows the admin to track barcode and other things, like serial number, acknowledgement id or order number when the product is in a warehouse.

ERP System Integration

We provide API-based ERP system integration with MRP system software solution, giving complete visibility of materials and product metrics throughout the supply chain.

Barcoding & Tagging

Barcode provides the most perfect and fast solutions to record things faster to enhance the inventory level and tracks things, like product pricing and details more accurately.

Real-Time Updates

Admin can track inventory in real-time, giving access to enter the system from any device, anywhere and anytime and therefore improving collaboration with working people.

User Features

Categorized Products

Users can short out the product with different categories and subcategories and also in groups by entering a name, price, date, supplier and more.

Order management

Allows the retailers and suppliers to manage their sales and purchase from the system itself. They can also track orders with invoices along with customer details.

Inward/Outward Management

Handle all inward and outward products and short out them in no time and get reports and invoice copies from the dashboard.

Barcode Scanning

It helps to track the order data through electronic barcode scanning with accurate product pricing and details, which helps to keep stock and warehouse control in a better way.

Analytics & Reports

Allows retailers to check all reports and graphical analytics on products and stock availability.

Product Management

Easy to manage various products with a particular category, subcategory and SKU code in a few seconds.

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Top Benefits

Real-time views of stock levels and cost
Get an accurate tracking of materials throughout the entire supply chain cycle.
Full control over the products from ordering to dispatch
Easy to maintain product pricing and details more easily.
Reduced stock-outs maximizing the sales
Easy to connect with thousands of vendors and retailers.
Enhanced relationship with both retailers and suppliers.
Manage and monitor multiple stores from the panel.

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