Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategies For B2B Brands

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies For B2B Brands

Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategies For B2B Brands

LinkedIn is the best platform to represent yourself as a professional. One can share their job experience, key interests, and achievements on this platform. This channel not only helps the job seekers and students to land up in good companies but also assists the employers to screen out the qualitative profiles. 

Now, LinkedIn is not merely a B2B website, rather it has turned into a tremendous workforce with more than 600 million active users. Almost every authentic and valuable user is present here, that is why 46% of the social media traffic to company sites comes from LinkedIn.

Since millions of professional users are active under the same roof, there should be optimized marketing strategies that can unite the related B2B professionals with each other. 

This article will provide guidance on mastering B2B marketing on LinkedIn. Some of these strategies are listed below.


No one is interested in deeply knowing the facts and information about the organization. Rather, the company page on LinkedIn should be so appealing that the user is motivated to visit the actual company website from there. It must increase the CTR of the website.

Follow the three steps mentioned below:

  • Keep an attractive image on the page: The header image must be propelling enough to catch the attention of prospects and make them eager to look for the companys website.
  • Clear description about the organization: The first two lines of the companys description should be the real highlight that urges the user to click see more. Some of such lines can be like save time and money, helping independent workers, etc.
  • Make the recent update section conversion-focused and clickable: To get regular clicks and engagement on your companys page, there must be frequent postings. This likely increases the chances of conversion.


LinkedIn Live is an exclusive feature not available for everyone on the platform. But it certainly set you apart from others. It lets you get Live broadcasting access to your company page on your LinkedIn profile.

With this feature, anyone can host live interviews as well as sessions with prominent market leaders on several versatile topics, that you and your client both are interested in.


In the B2B market, market influencers are required who carry a lot of expertise and experience, rather than only the count of followers on social media profiles. Generally, such influencers arise from within the top-level management like the CEO, CFO, etc of the company. They serve as the best decision-makers in the industry. Because they can better understand and explain the achievements, services, technology, and customer success stories of the organization.

In fact, LinkedIn itself states that the engagement doubles when the content is shared by any employee of the company. Thus, employees including Executives and Founders should be encouraged to become influencers for the growth of the company.


A standard LinkedIn post could not be that effective to share research data, customer success stories, and other informative blog posts. Therefore, LinkedIn Articles must be put in an application to post-market research data, case studies, or anything else that brings value to the target audience.

Moreover, links can be inserted in the article that redirects users to your companys website for conversion. The LinkedIn articles are not just restricted to LinkedIn users. Rather, this content can help you rank higher on Google SERP also. Hence, the smart use of keywords must be done in the posts to get better results.


Most of the visitors on the website leave without sharing their email addresses. Thus, the company should again reach out to those visitors again on LinkedIn as per their previous interactions on the site. This can be done through LinkedIn website retargeting ads.

Paid remarketing campaigns help in converting over 50% of the web traffic that visited the website and left without converting. For this, LinkedIn Insight Tag must be installed on the site to get started. It is the same as Facebook Pixel, which helps in keeping track of the visitors and their interactions on the site.

After that, you can create an audience to retarget with LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Further, Leadfeeder Retargeting Tool can be used for advanced retargeting. This lets you retarget the prospective decision-makers from the same company in a personalized way as per their job roles.


LinkedIn lets you post a variety of content like videos, docs, images, pdfs, and text posts on your company profile. However, for lead generation, videos and documents are suited best. This helps in winning the trust of prospects and creating brand credibility by presenting content in an interactive manner.

Once all the above strategies are implemented, then you must reach your target audience with the help of LinkedIn ads. This helps you target your audience as per their professional traits like job role, company name, job function, skills, industry, etc.


To get connectivity with the same type of people as you are targeting, use the advanced search of LinkedIn. From the header menu bar, hit the search people icon and then click the advanced option.

Then you can filter out your search as per current company, previous company, profile language, location, industry, school, and non-profit interests. With this, you can directly find the exact results you are seeking.


Unlike the other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn is not defined by the frequency of followers you have earned. rather, it emphasizes the quality of information and content you share. If used optimally, LinkedIn can make you rule in the B2B industry.

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