Influence of Mobile App Development on the Tourism Industry

Mobile Apps For Tourism Industry

Influence of Mobile App Development on the Tourism Industry

Mobile Apps seems to be a God gift for the traveling & tourism Industry.  I am sure everyone has once been on a trip for the holidays. I have been too. Nowadays planning a trip has become an easier task being on the fingertips because of the emerging era of mobile apps. Paper maps, guidebooks, and other stuff have been replaced with the tourism mobile apps integrated with the different functionalities.

Mobile app for traveling industry has projected to generate a revenue of 17.3 billion US dollars in 2020. Seems Nice. Right? With the global economic contribution of 7.6 trillion US dollars in 2016 force the industry to be one of the largest growing industries.

As you all know that the travel agencies and physical booking are outdated, the mobile apps for the tourism industry have been in a trend for a while. Comparatively, tourism mobile apps are growing and expanding their claws over the world with many advantages.

What services can a mobile app for traveling industry can provide?  It can be planning trips, accommodation booking, ticket booking, cab booking, route mapping. These services are the basics of an app. The additional services that can be integrated into the mobile app for the tourism industry are:

  • GPS services and maps, route planning.
  • Social: Free communication, traveling updates, reviews, photo galleries.
  • Mobile Marketing: Discounts, cashback offers, offer alerts, contests, etc.
  • Security: Medical, Emergency call & details of local and international healthcare agencies.
  • E-commerce: Shopping, ticket booking, overseas banking, reservation.

mobile apps for tourism industry
The above facts give the idea about the mobile app for traveling industry that without tourism mobile apps the traveling industry can degrade in the world of race.

In fact, to rich the next level of user engagement and penetrate through the market. Several new shifts will be influencing the tourism market like the cashless trip to make it safer.

Some of the drifts that help the mobile app for tourism industry to lift up the sky and spread their feathers for the growth are:

1. Real-time tracking :

However, real-time tracking has gained its standard place in the daily life world. Many of the companies have already started providing these services to their customers. This draft doesn’t seem to slow down its speed of growth. Sensing why? It’s because in a short period of time all the vehicles will be depending on the live tracking. The public transportation companies have started the use of IoT services and GPS services to locate the live location of cars, buses etc.

2. Cashless:

The other factor which will affect the traveling industry most is cashless traveling. Increase in theft and keeping the hassles of cash with you can be a danger on the anonymous place. So being cashless makes the tourist trip safer and stress-free. The benefit is that there are several apps providing the payment platform so that being anywhere in the world, the payment is one click away.

3. Localization:

Geo-targeted recommendations are very famous across every business industry and tourism is not different from others. The mobile app for tourism industry has started to adapt the up drifts which can be recommending the local offers and deals to the traveler. The best case who provides the value to its user and optimize the planning and user experience with the geo-recommendation is

4. Attractive Rebates:

The on-demand of mobile apps have given them much fame in the world. The mobile app for tourism industry is not an exception. Nowadays, people don’t refer to booking and finding the deals physically. They know that there exist a ton of apps in the play store or app store which can provide them with the proper and huge cut-offs and discounts. Many provide the unbeatable offers on the flight fares. Many factors exist that affects the decision of the user but the rebates and discounts play a significant role in taking the appropriate decision.

5. Improved services:

Many of the mobile apps for traveling industry provides customized services that include different packages for different purposes of the trips. Likely, corporate trip and family fun party trips. For this, travel agencies have become more conscious of the specific requirements of the customers.  The travel agent must be alert of the trending demands of the requirements of the customers so that he can build up the packages accordingly for different groups. These all can be provided to the customers through the tourism mobile app.


The tourism mobile app has the ability to generate great revenue and a high potential for monetization. If you are in the travel and tourism industry, then you need to realize that without tourism mobile app the industry is going to drown. So, I suggest you to immediately contact the experienced mobile app development agency that can help you survive in the race.

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