Why on-demand grocery delivery app is essential for grocery stores?

Grocery Delivery App

Why on-demand grocery delivery app is essential for grocery stores?

Nowadays, many Industry enhances their business with developing mobile applications, Such as e-Commerce, Restaurant, etc. And one more name added in this On-demand application’s list. It is On-demand grocery delivery apps. With a few clicks on your mobile phone, you will receive your preferred grocery at your doorstep in a matter of a few hours or a single day. So, no more unnecessary time-consuming trips to the supermarket. All you need is a grocery mobile app to perform all your grocery orders from the comfort of your home. You can see the level of convenience.

Moreover, every order is specially treated and carefully send to the clients by the trained delivery team whose priorities are customer satisfaction. With online grocery delivery, you assured of quality. A customer can sign up on the grocery app with authorize mobile number and email and it also helps them to track their order.

There are various reasons for the surging rise and use of grocery delivery apps. Customers have quickly adopted the apps because of the following reasons…

  1. No Queues at check-out counters

Queues in check-out counters are one of the most irritating parts associated with almost all in-store grocery shopping. After customers spending a lot of time moving around the store picking goods, they are come towards to check-out counters to pay for the products. With the use of grocery delivery apps payment for goods is made easier. One can use credit and debit card and various online wallet services Paytm, Google wallet to make payment. Therefore, within a few minutes payment is done and dusted.

  1. More comfortable virtual selves & search

In grocery delivery apps goods are listed in categories. The categories work as virtual selves for clients. Customers can easily find their products using the classes. Besides, search options of the apps make it easier for consumers to see what they want. Hence, customers do not spend a lot of time searching for particular products in like in the Manual grocery store.

  1. Grocery journey

In general, people mostly visit the grocery store in evening or weekends. These visits eat up their entire evening or half of the weekend. On the contrary, mobile apps allow them to do their grocery shopping at any time and can arrange delivery to their doorstep at their preferred time. Apps save money and time. They can use their spare time for crucial work or in other leisure activities.

  1. Reduces Impulse buying

Grocery stores are offering various offers that easily attract customers to buy goods. Lucrative offers and discounts are displaying as soon as one enters in stores. Products with winder business margin display at eye level while cheap kinds of stuff are deep down isles. With the grocery apps, it’s easy to avoid practical things. You spend money on what you want.

  1. Delivery charges are quite Reasonable

Generally, delivery services charge higher delivery fees for small orders. Therefore, the system means to get more groceries at least price. Compared to transportation fees affiliated with visiting the store, the system is more straightforward and cost-effective.

  1. Online Specials deals are Available

By shopping online you can get excellent deals with online stores. The good thing with it is that instead of driving all the way to town to carry items at various grocery stores. It only takes a single click on your phone to take advantage of the best online deals.

Types of grocery Mobile Apps

  1. E-Commerce grocery apps

E-Commerce grocery apps are an excellent way for buying the grocery products irrespective of the user location. Customers can choose delivery timing according to their convenience and comfort. The section of the online retailer is mostly embracing these apps and used by the communities that proffer delivery services.

  1. In-store grocery apps

It displays all the categories of grocery products along with their details. These grocery apps aid to recreate the natural view of the place virtually and providing the basic idea to consumers about the quality of grocery products. Therefore, delivers the notification associated with the offers and the discount and location of the store when the users are adjacent.

  1. Personalized grocery apps

Personalized grocery apps are meant to take the shopping experience of the users to another level. These apps help the consumers to create a grocery list and share them with the store and allow the users to set items for purchasing. This way a user can avail the products at the moment they require.

Costing of developing an on-demand grocery apps

These three factors can evaluate the cost of development of grocery mobile app,

  • App complexity
  • The number of dedicated platforms required by the app according to the country selected.
  • Different countries come with their budget ratios, as an instance:

USA based developers – 50 dollars to 250 dollars per hour

Eastern Europe based developers – 30 dollars to 150 dollars per hour

India based developers – 10 dollars to 80 dollars per hour

So, calculating all the overhead costs, an average grocery delivery app and can cost up to $10,000 to $30,000 for a single platform (either iOS or Android). And if it evolves cross-platform app or adding more features may raise the cost to $50,000. Spending that much amount guarantees your app to stand ahead in the competition.


As mobile app development proved to be a successful platform to run a profitable business. This will grow up the market of the grocery store. Moreover, it will provide convenience and ease to customers.


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