Our Testing and Quality Assurance Services

Functional Testing

Our team of expert QA testers performs high-quality testing with a focus on user experience, performance, security, database, client-server applications, APIs, and other features and functionality of your applications to meet the unique business needs of our clients

Usability Testing

This testing is done to check how applications are working at the initial phase. Our skilled QA testers are capable of identifying the initial potential usability issues of your applications and strive to perform high-grade testing to deliver a flawless user experience for your customers

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is done to identify whether the application is working properly or not on different browsers and devices. We, at Tecocraft, provide end-to-end testing services to ensure your app is fully compatible with multiple browsers and devices

Unit Testing

Unit testing is performed during the development of your applications to identify whether each unit of your application is working perfectly or not as per the expectations. We check all components and units of your app to meet all the requirements of our clients

Security Testing

We perform high-grade penetration testing and risk assessments to keep your applications safe and secure from spammers, attackers, and hackers. Our QA testers perform testing on various stages to bring top-notch securityto your app without any bug & vulnerability

Stress Testing

Stress testing is done to determine the maximum operating capacity of your applications at heavy load conditions. Our qualified QA testers will check your applications to make sure it doesn’t fail at any load conditions, including huge traffic, download, and usage

User Interface Testing

User interface testing is carried out to check whether the application is working fine or not as per the specifications. User interface testing includes in-depth testing of menus, icons, and buttons of your applications to ensure they are completely working fine.

Performance Testing

We offer the highly-performing, scalable, and extremely fast-loading speed of your applications through our in-depth quality checks and software behavior analysis. Our QA professionals always aim to perform high-quality testing of your apps that deliver the best level of performance

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We provide complete flexibility to hire us based on two different engagement models for your project. You can choose any of them according to your budget and preferences. Our hiring models are as follows;

Fixed Hiring Model

The Fixed Hiring Model is perfect for you if you have a well-determined project with clearly defined technical specifications and business requirements. We will provide you with resources, time, and cost after analyzing and evaluating your project based on the Fixed Hiring Model

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Flexible Hiring Model

Whether you are a startup or entrepreneur, if you don’t have a project with a clear vision and well-structured requirements or want to resolve bug fixing issues or add some functionalities in the existing product then, the flexible hiring model is perfect for your project. We will provide you with our dedicated developers according to your project requirements

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