Have a Sports Betting App in Mind?

Admin Features

Signup Process

The app comes with a simple signup process where the admin can quickly log in using the admin email and password to make use of it.

User Management

Admin can conveniently manage all the users registered with this app and track all activities, such as betting type, style, and the price placed on the betting app.

Multiple Bets

Admin can allow users to place multiple bets at the same time without any hassle from the app. He can also manage and track each bet, including the amount placed on that bet.

Prize and Payment Management

Allows the admin to manage the amount received from the users and provide the amount for the winning user and manage multiple payments and the entire content in the app.

Powerful Back-End

Provided a robust backend to withstand enough traffic on the app, ensuring functioning well even in a high-demand situation without facing any issue.

Push Notifications

Admin can send push notifications to inform the players about the latest updates on games in which they are interested and placed bets and won money.

User Features

A Wide Range of Sports

The app comes with various sports for users to render plenty of choices to bet on any sport of their choice, which increases the chances of high retention rates. It gives the new users/game lovers/bettors complete flexibility to search for sports and know what they are interested in.

Supports Multiple Betting

The app supports the multiple bet types and gives bettors/game lovers various options to explore, learn & understand, and allow them to bet on sports in which they are interested and comfortable.

Cryptocurrency Payment Option

The app provides the most potent feature called cryptocurrency payment options that bring complete flexibility to your payment system. It increases the chances for users to make instant payments without any hassle.

Multi-Currency Support

The app supports the multi-currency features that allow business owners to operate the app around the globe and people to bet online and make transactions in their own country currency. No matter what country or region you reside in, the app lets you make payments in your country's currency.

Multi-Language Support

The app comes with multi-lingual support that allows users to better understand the app and its way of working. It excludes the language barrier and helps people to bet with perfection on sports effectively they are comfortable with.

Dedicated User Profile

The dedicated user profile allows users to personalize their profiles and track all information and updates about their activities and get instant Mail/SMS notifications on their registered phone number.

Live feed Feature

Get in-depth insights on all real-time events and plan out the best strategies to bet online on various sports more successfully. It gives the best betting solutions for all your bet needs.

Highly Secure Platform

The app provides the best and high-security solutions for both the users and clients to give them the best and most secure experience. It is easy to upgrade the app with the latest security patches and updates to stay competitive in the market.

Betting Options

Admin can schedule or plan for the future to get more participants in the events, and users can safely place the bet before the match starts by using the scheduling tool and pre-match & live odds feature.

Dynamic User Experience

Make your app famous with highly engaging and targeted advertisements and push notifications, providing the latest news on sports and scores to allow people to place a smart bet.

How We Create A Spectrum Of Sports Betting Apps

Singles Bets App

We build single bet sports apps that are best suited for first-time players, allowing them to play at a low-risk level.

Head To Head

Allows the users to place bets on the game's final outcome, be it win, lose or draw.

Totals Bet App

Allows the users to wager on any casino game with countable outcomes through totals bet app.


Handicaps sports mobile app allows users to place bets on traditional games and sports.

Each Way

Each way, users can wager in advance, and they pay a fraction of the win odds, like horse racing punters in horse riding.


There’s a high-risk & high-reward betting app in multiples bet type, where players can either win big or lose big.


In double bet type, punters place bets on two selections where both selections should be expected to win the bet.


Treble is quite similar to the dual sports betting app; it requires the punters to win all three bets they have placed.

Let’s Craft One-Touch Sports Betting App for Your Business

Top Benefits

Do chat in real-time to communicate with fans.
Get live updates and push notifications about activities made in the app.
Get score updates and the latest tips right from the notification bar.
Get all info on bets, earnings, and betting history.
Manage customer data, bet types, sports, and handle multiple payments.
Audio/Video live streaming to attract more users.
Bettors can place the bet from anywhere on the globe.
We have integrated a payment module to provide a secure and fast payment process.

Tecocraft Empowers Multiple Sports Betting Mobile App

We design and develop the most interactive, feature-rich. One-touch online sports betting apps that provide the best gaming experience for mobile users across multiple channels. Our sports betting apps give you the best on-field experience from your comfort zone while placing bets on different games, including:



Horse Racing

Table Tennis


Rugby League







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