Top 10 Web Development Trends to Look Down in 2020

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Top 10 Web Development Trends to Look Down in 2020

The website is an indispensable part of any business in this digital era. It has made it more comfortable for the companies to reach a vast number of people and in turn, be helpful. With 2020 on its way, one needs to understand the new trends and techniques that will let you rank your website on the top.

Paying heed to new web development trends in 2020 to gain an edge over your competitors is undoubtedly very essential though. Now you might be wondering how one can be sure of them? To reap the benefits of web development coolest trends, it is imperative to apply them at an early stage and not in its peak time.

Let’s have a look at these hands down top 10 trends that will be the new trendsetter in 2020:

Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Chatbots are reported to become the number one application for consumers across all AI integrations within the next five years. It has gained a lot of hype and has already become the best web development trend in 2020. Studies have proved that consumers are satisfied chatting with bots, and more businesses are now integrating it into their websites.

Big platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google have heavily invested in chatbots. It is a worth it emerging web trend which has saved enterprises from paying huge amount of money to employed human resources. Undoubtedly, organizing a 24*7 customer support is the best choice.

Multiple Platform Friendly Website

A website with rich content, attractive videos and visuals can never be successful unless it reaches the target audience. Web development trends 2020 shows that there are a higher number of mobile users than any other gadget. People directly access websites from their smartphones.

This is an opportunity which businesses must tap. Moreover, website development must include the same code to allow the website to run across multiple platforms. The one that’s easy to operate and smoothly runs on mobile, successfully drives high traffic.

Voice Search Feature

This feature has multiplied in use by the customers. Google has integrated it long ago. It is the new web development trend 2020, which is breaking into search engines everywhere. Devices like Alexa to Siri in iPhones have this in-built feature, making customers feel comfortable.

Voice Search is an emerging web trend that makes your website multiple platforms friendly and drives more users to your site. It saves lots of time used in typing and accesses your website easily.

Don’t Miss Out on Visuals & Videos

The textual content has become dull and boring. People don’t read those long paragraphs without any pictures or videos to illustrate them. You seriously cannot miss this website development strategy. Images and Videos are getting a faster response than any of your long or short paragraphs.

Being an SEO company, we understand what value does content holds. Therefore, including images and video in it can give a new direction and voice to your web page. Pictures convey more information in an accessible format and attract more customers, in turn increasing your sales.

Simpler & Minimalistic Designs are the Key

A confusing website turns off the customers instantly. A simple website with neutral colors, high-quality images, and aesthetic approach never fails to impress. As they say, ‘Minimalism is the Key’. Make your users scroll down easier, smoother, distinctive and unique.

Google Map Integration

With evolving visual style, integrating google map in your website in the best emerging web trend. SEO companies are using this style to get their websites noticed and impress the users. The Google API has a variety of tools to use, to have personalized ideas for the maps so that web developers can create a customized map to suit their website design.

Slideshow of Pictures, Blogs and More

Slideshows are best for all the right reasons as they are just like a storytelling device. Make the best out of it in your web development plan. Research has shown that viewers are bound to stop and go through the visuals or content. This gives them an old memory vibe and hooks them on your website for a while. Presenting the details of your content using a photo-essay through a slide show or engaging photos with the story can engage the huge number of users.

Load Speed

Google is encouraging the websites that load instantly over all the platforms and are easier to access. This should be your all-time web development trend not just in 2020 but for all the years to come. Consider changing with changing times for higher engagement and brand awareness. Be prepared, and Load Speed is going to be the most popular web development trend 2020.

Integrating Motion UI

Did you know that motion UI brings digital products to life and ends up attracting a humongous number of people? UI development is an unequaled web development hack that one must not overlook. This way, you can get your website quickly tracked on the top of apps or the search engine.

They can also be used to guide the users into action and the final results. You can quickly tell a story and keep your customers hooked for a longer time. Adding an extra dimension to your website and bridging the gap between humans and software, Motion UI development compliments your website development in the best way.

Your Takeaway

Keep an eye on these fantastic, hands down emerging web trend in 2020. Developing a website is no rocket science, but a unique and outstanding web development takes efforts, time and a smart-head. Giving it some extra time and integrating futuristic trends like UI development can make a whole lot of difference for users.

Don’t only give your users what’s new, though something unique, easy to use and stays forever.

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