Top 5 Technology Use in Mobile App Development for Business Growth In 2019

Mobile App Develoment In 2019

Top 5 Technology Use in Mobile App Development for Business Growth In 2019

We are in that Tech savvy era, where we everyday strike with many new technologies. Nowadays, most of every industry are inclining towards Mobile App Development. Mobile App is really helpful to Business Growth and these things merge IT sector and created a dynamic opportunity for software Development market. But technology is always challenging for the development sector. Because Users always demanding novel features in the application and to run a successful business. It is essential to grab user’s interest on your app such as e-Commerce. For that, you have to use new technologies along with your mobile app. Let’s discuss those emerging tech trends which are booming in the development sector.

Here are the top five technological trends that enhance your business on another level,

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is one of the biggest tech trends that emerge in recent years. IoT is an idea to connect technological devices with the Internet and this attempt is perfect Collaboration between the physical and digital worlds. How will this impact on business? It depends on your industry. As an epitome, for those who work in marketing, advertising, media or business management, IoT could provide a wealth of information on how consumers engage with products by tracking their interactions with digital devices. Then after, this data could be used to optimize marketing campaigns and user experiences.

Today, we heard the name of the smart city, smart healthcare, smart home many more. These all are the example of IoT development. So, IoT is affecting various Industries such as Healthcare, and Real-estate.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR)

The name of Virtual Reality is not new in the IT Industry. VR has been found around the 1950s until recently the technology wasn’t able to deliver the immersive digital experience that users have been craving. That is about to change with recent improvements to both hardware and programming.

Virtual Reality has been a popular part of video games for several years and the trend is continuing to expand. Moreover, Many game development company notices that VR is successfully engaging user experience. Educational organizations also adopt VR increasingly, as a potentially useful tool for learning.

  1. Machine Learning

One More, exciting technology is Machine Learning, which is essentially a computer’s ability to learn on its own by analyzing data and tracking repeating patterns. For example, social media platforms use machine learning to get a better understanding of how you connect with those in your social network. Machine Learning analyze your social media’s content like share, likes, and comments. Then after it will prioritize from your closest connections and that content is serving to you first.

Machine Learning provides an opportunity for companies with that they can understand the actual needs of customers. Google is the best example because it is using machine learning on mobile devices which can continue learning even when offline. So, as a result, Machine learning is reshaping the way businesses interact with their customers in a big way by helping them forecast and meet customer needs more easily.

  1. Blockchain Development

The Blockchain is known as the background technology behind Bitcoin. It uses a peer-to-peer network for computers to validate transactions. The blockchain is a data structure for creating and sharing distributed registers of transactions in the network. It allows users to check transactions without any central authority.

Recently, the use of blockchain development technology is mostly use in the financial and banking sector, but in the future, we may see this technology in the Healthcare sector.

  1. Cognitive Technology

Cognitive technology is in the similar like Machine Learning and Virtual Reality except that it is a broader concept. It includes things like natural language processing (NLP) and Speech Recognition. When Cognitive technologies combined then, these different technologies are able to automate and optimize a lot of tasks that were previously done by people, including certain aspects of accounting and analytics.

Although cognitive technologies have a broad range of applications, it will predict that approximately 95% of enterprise software companies will use this technology by 2020.

These emerging technologies changing professional industries including banking, e-Commerce, healthcare, and education, staying up to date on the latest trends. It will give you a better understanding of your chosen industry and make you a more competitive candidate. Best of all, this knowledge might open up new doors within your sector and others.


Due to expansion Digital Platform of Website and Mobile App Development Most of Companies are starting to use Mobile app for their business. These emerging technologies are going to merge with Business and helping to grow business.

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