What are the Mobile App Impacts on Oil and Gas Industry

Mobile Apps For Oil And Gas Industry

What are the Mobile App Impacts on Oil and Gas Industry

By the end of 2018, the oil and gas industries have invested approximate of $16 billion on the mobile app development process along with $180 billion enterprise application. About 67 percent of the industries have already believed that mobile technology will greatly enhance operations. But still, only 18 percent of companies have implemented mobile strategies. And this can conclude that many of the business owners have understood the importance of mobile apps for oil and gas industry but they failed to build the proper and successful strategies.

Now that the industry has a huge opportunity to transform the operational processes with mobile apps, this mobile app development can help them improve communication and collaboration among units and teams.

The predictions are that the Oil and gas consumers will increasingly look to grow newer and better streams of revenues, optimized operational cost. Moreover, enhanced ways can become environment-friendly. More the deeper investment, more are the benefits of any technology. The same goes for the oil and gas industry too. This would require deeper investments to enable real-time visibility into discovery, extraction and delivery operations. This ensures compliance and much better overall productivity.

Besides, the companies are leveraging mobile technologies for having an increase in business growth, no traditional ways to communicate.  The gain of real-time visibility across business vertical, and the closing the loop of the accurate data are not exceptions. The predictions were somewhat true. The industry leaders have started deploying mobile apps for oil and gas industry to transform their businesses upstream, midstream and downstream.

Some of the benefits and advantages of the implementation of mobile apps for the oil and gas industry is here.

The Trouble Shooter

In general, companies use large machinery. And there are issues some times where the machines breakdown and the whole work process gets disturbed. Assets do call for the maintenance which interrupts the workflow. Additionally, Mobile app development can help maximize the uptime of the work. This increases productivity.

The mobile apps for oil and gas industry can help the workers to turn in the applications for the quick response to the issues and can take preventive measures. However, this can stop the downtime before it takes place and disrupts the whole process. In addition, Mobile app development has got your business’s back to increase the up-time.

Real-time Data Capturing

In the Oil and Gas manufacturing organization, there are several field managers, geologist and many of the environmental elements that can affect them. It’s not always possible to carry a notebook or a laptop to record the information.

The best part the mobile app development can provide is it can easily capture the quick and accurate data from the field. Mostly, the people on the field via mobile phones or tablets can get real-time information. So, that they can spend more time doing other parts of jobs which can reduce the downtime. Employees can also organize and review the information of the field on the mobile app rather than deciphering the written notes.

Safety Improvements

Mobile technologies can be used in remote pipeline inspection, location tracking, data capture, environmental assessments, monitoring refinery equipment along with some other areas. This technology helps the workers in collecting the data, review and evaluating of situations for real time. Additionally, it helps in taking immediate corrective actions where needed.

Data Monitoring in Real Time

The era of entering the data manually is gone. Mobile apps have now helped to capture real-time data, analyze, and response. The best example I can give here is water resource management in hydraulic fracking. Here mobile apps are used to track the movement of water and monitor the residual waste streams, offering both the safety and environmental benefits.

Decision making Enhancements

Mobile apps can also help decision-makers to get the most relevant information. Moreover, they can make priorities better as of the analysis of everything by its severity and proximity. Mobile app development can give the opportunity to focus on the improvement areas and lasts with the increase in productivity and efficiency of workers.

Some Types of Mobile Apps for the Oil and Gas Industry

Mobile App for Oil and Gas Industry1. Health and Safety App

You can add health and safety issues category in the app. The mobile apps for the oil and gas industry can help ensure the health and safety issues which can be detected via apps. Additionally, the field workers can report the safety issues directly and can record the video and images to send to the administration via mobile apps. The app should also contain the basic health and safety guidelines.

2. Disaster Recovery Apps

The app should be backed up with the data, business information, contact details and many more for emergency situations. That should be handy to retrieve call in the emergency case. The app should come up with the list of regulation lists and the response plans to help the employees move forward and respond accordingly.

3. Project Management Apps

Developing project management mobile apps for oil and gas industry can make the business operations and field activities more smooth and effective. It is possible to track the everyday operations and costs by the app. In addition, executives can update related information to their activities. This app makes sure that the entire system works in line and collaboratively.

4. Communication Apps

Irrespective of the location, the communication mobile apps for oil and gas industry ensures the best way to connect the employees working on the field. It is also used to enable instant communication between workers without email complications. On the tap of the finger, you can share the videos, do video conferencing, document sharing and report sharing.

5. Reporting Apps

The reporting apps are used for the collection and updating of data on daily purpose. It can also create a custom report on a higher level of management. This can easily record the information and is instantly saved in the database. It can also use it as part of the custom reports. The features can be automatic sync and the storage on the online platform in a secure manner.


Everybody is witnessing the Mobile apps making the transformations in every industry. The Oil and Gas Industry is not exceptional. The Mobile app development impact is almost transforming the shapes of the industry.

If you thoroughly study the app development impacts on the industry, you would surely get the knowledge of benefits of it on the industry. Data capturing, decision-making enhancements, Safety Improvements, not only these are the benefits but there are many more. To get the super powerful impacts of it, you need to get out of your comfort zone and your field and search for the best expertise team that can help you with the mobile app development.





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