What is Email Marketing? How to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy?

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy?

What is Email Marketing? How to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy?

Marketing has become a very crucial process for every business. There is no visibility of a business in the market if they do not engage in marketing. Well, there are many techniques of marketing that can be broadly classified into – Traditional and Digital. Along with the internet, Digital Marketing has also seen growth. Email Marketing is one of the techniques that fall into the category of Digital Marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

A marketing channel in which the marketers send emails to their subscribers that have commercial advertisements contained within to promote their business. The main goal of this marketing strategy is to draw these subscribers to the website and convert them into buying their products. Email Marketing has evolved over the years and has become one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques.

Let us look at some tips that will help you improve your business’s Email Marketing Strategy.

  1. Refine your subscribers’ list

Not every subscriber is necessarily authentic. People might have subscribed by mistake or some would have even provided fake Ids. People might have shifted to some other email Id altogether after subscribing. All these have a negative effect on your email delivery system. You might feel like you are reaching a lot of people, but effectively, it is only a few genuine users. Your emails might bounce back or go into their spam folders. You do not want to be labeled as a spammer. So, it is advisable to go through your subscribers’ list regularly and truncate those who do not appear genuine. Ensure that you are working with an accurate list, always.

  1. Personalization will take you far

Just like you do, your subscribers too, get emails from many places on a daily basis. They have subscribed to many services and they do not necessarily go through each email from top to bottom. Some delete the email even without opening it for that matter. To avoid this, you need to stand out and make your emails more connecting and relatable. Try to personalize the emails. Use ‘Hi <subscriber’s name>’ at the beginning of the email to make it appear more personal to the receiver. This would help you at least make them open your email to find what is in it. Thereafter, it depends on the body of the email. It should have the potential to maintain the continuum of reading.

  1. Work hard on the subject lines

Subject lines of emails have a major role to play for the recipients in deciding whether or not to open the email. Hence, it is very important to keep the subject line very crispy and to the point. The crux of the content should be available in a very abstract manner. Pour in all your creativity in the subject line. Try to fit in emojis in the subject lines. They have proved to make a connection with the users and thus, it increases their chances of reading the email content. Also, emojis are omnipresent. They are very funny and easy to relate to. Therefore, use them and make a very creative subject line. Apart from this, make sure than it is not lengthy. 3-5 words are sufficient in the subject line. Only in unavoidable situations should you exceed this limit.

  1. Crossover with Social Media Marketing

You are not unaware of the outreach of social media in today’s world. So, it is a wise choice to intertwine these two platforms of marketing. You can put ads on social media with a sign-up form that will eventually help you in increasing the number of email subscribers. So, your outreach with Email Marketing has also increased. On the other hand, you can get more people to follow your social media accounts and pages. This you can do by explicitly asking the users in emails; letting them know the perks of being connected with you on social media. This tactic will give your business great exposure and increased contacts with your customers will be the icing on the cake.

  1. Use A/B testing technique

There can be multiple points in the entire marketing process where you will be confused between two choices. You would know the merits and demerits of both, but deciding on one would be difficult. In such situations, A/B testing is the best solution. Try both of them, test their performances, and then use the one that does better. While you test anything with this technique, keep everything else the same between the two emails. That way you will be able to get the perfect solution to your confusion. Keeping more than one difference between the two would create further confusion about what made one perform better than the other. The lessons learned from this can be incorporated in your future emails.

  1. Content is the master

Content has always been the master of every kind of marketing strategy. It is going to decide the conversion rate through that particular technique. Hence, the content of the email is going to do the same action. Take the utmost care while you prepare the content of the emails. Create insightful pieces of writing to be added in the email that follows the basics of composition. The content should be professional, language use should be formal, content should be interesting and creative, try to incorporate a story around the information you wish to convey, etc. are the general tips for better Email Marketing strategy. No matter how attractive your website is or how useful your products are, they are of no use if the user does not reach them. The potential of conversion, in Email Marketing strategy, lies in the hands of content in the email. So, prepare a very intuitive, creative, unique, catchy content that is free from any kind of errors (grammatical or spelling) and you will be able to do wonders with your email.

In a nutshell

Emails have great potential in boosting your business’s revenue. Keeping the aforementioned tips on Email Marketing strategy, you can achieve unforeseen success in your business. These tips will improve your reputation among the subscribers, which in turn will bring your more subscribers through word of mouth (because people talk), and this, in turn, will improve your conversion rates. Improved conversion rates will undoubtedly improve overall sales. So, it’s a win situation in all aspects. Do not forget to schedule your emails and send them at the most appropriate time of the day to get the most out of this marketing.

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