Best 7 Tips Why Mobile-Friendly Website Is Compulsion?

Why Mobile-Friendly Website Is Compulsion?

Best 7 Tips Why Mobile-Friendly Website Is Compulsion?

Today, mobile-friendly websites have become compulsory for all mobile users worldwide, as today the website is 50.34% viewing on a mobile, and 46.67% website viewing on a computer.

The reason for this is that a mobile-friendly website has become a compulsion, just like by creating a mobile-friendly website, you can view the mobile-friendly website anywhere and whenever you want, you can view the website through mobile.

A mobile-friendly website is more useful to the website owner such as cost-effectiveness, improving Google rankings, increasing sales, and law maintenance, there are many more reasons for which a mobile-friendly website is mandatory, but our new developer and the reader does not know what is a mobile-friendly website? And why is a mobile-friendly website a compulsion?

So today, in our blog we share in front of you, what is a mobile-friendly website? And Best 7 Tips Why Mobile-Friendly Website is Compulsion?

What is a Mobile-Friendly Website?

The mobile-friendly website looks like a smaller version of your website on any mobile device. A mobile-friendly website provides a lot of features for its mobile users which allows any mobile users to zoom, pinch, scroll and etc. to the website on mobile.

So that mobile-friendly website can be easily used by mobile users. Creating a mobile-friendly website is not easy.

A mobile-friendly website is needed when your desktop website is small enough to be displayed on a mobile device, word users can read as much, and in proper text formatting, this is called a responsive mobile-friendly website.

Mobile-friendly website benefits are improvement in the user experience, faster website loading speed, improvement in mobile SEO, increased time spent on site, and competitive advantage.

On the Internet, new mobile-friendly website development interns, mobile-friendly website builder software, mobile-friendly website checker tools, and mobile-friendly website plugin can be easily searched on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Best 7 Tips Why Mobile-Friendly Website Is Compulsion?

1: Avoid flash

Flash creates animations for the desktop user in the website, but this animation is not supported by mobile devices, and flash is slow for load time, sometimes flash refuses to load directly. This is bad for SEO terms.

Therefore, avoid Flash, and a mobile-friendly website is rapidly reducing load times, as it does not use the Flash element much, or use its own element to make a mobile-friendly website load faster. Therefore a mobile-friendly website is a compulsion.

2: Switch desktop view

Today, everyone has a smartphone, so they always search on smartphones instead of laptops or computers, because laptops or computers do not live with humans all the time.

When the user opens the Desktop-based website in their smart mobile phone, then the user gets a desktop view. Then the website looks small and the website basically does not look good, so a mobile-friendly website was created.

When opening a mobile-friendly website on mobile, the user can view the website the way they want to view it on their mobile device.

Mobile users like to see a mobile-friendly design. This is especially true if you have designed your site around mobile traffic, so you need to make the mobile-friendly website responsive, and this feature provides a mobile-friendly website.

And WordPress provides mobile-friendly website plugin through which website developers can easily convert desktop view of the website to mobile view. Therefore, it is a compulsion.

3: Make images and CSS as light in any mobile devices

The website takes more loads when you add more CSS to the website file, and it is also that when a visitor opens your website if you upload any images without optimizing, your site loads a lot at that time it occurs.

But the mobile-friendly website takes less CSS and calls the CSS indirectly on the website to reduce the loading time.

WordPress offers several mobile-friendly website plugins to reduce the size of the image and you can also search the online editor on a search engine to reduce the image size.

Example: There is an online editor tool to reduce the size of images along with reducing the quality of images.

When you use third-party tools (Youtube) on your website to insert youtube embedded videos, WordPress offers an option on mobile-friendly websites.

This option is turning off autoplay, this option helps your websites are not more load. With this, you can bring more traffic to your site and also get a good rank in search engines. For this reason, it is a compulsion.

4: Use larger font sizes

The website developer sets the content length according to the desktop website, but when the website opens in mobile, the content length is short at that time and the mobile user is not easily readable the content.

With which mobile users can easily leave the website. The reason for this is resolved in the mobile-friendly website, the mobile-friendly website allows creating AMP pages for mobile users, and developers can set the length of content on the AMP page according to mobile users.

So, users can easily read and understand the content. This is a compulsion.

5: Change the size and placement of buttons

On any website, a button is used to link another page of the same website, or to link different pages of another website.

Therefore according to the desktop website, the button is placed at any location, and its length and width are determined according to the desktop website.

When the mobile user opens this website on mobile, the location and size of that button changes because the website is not responsive.

In a mobile-friendly website, the AMP page gives the size and length and width of the corresponding button on the mobile device.

Therefore, when the user opens the website on mobile, the location and size of the button will be according to the device, as the page is currently responsive.

6: Turn off the Auto-Correct option for mobile user

The Auto-Correct option has been inserted on the website so that when a user fills the form if he finds the word he wants to type in the textbox of the field, he does not need to type it completely.

The mobile-friendly website offers two options, turn the Auto-Correct option off and on, but when this option is turned on when a user fills the form, they feel annoying.

Therefore, when the mobile user opens this website on mobile, the auto-correct option is to turn off for the mobile user.

7: Testing and optimizing your site

If the website developer finishes creating a mobile-friendly website, then check if your site is working well or not? And check this site on various mobile devices.

You should also give this site to your friends and review it and get it. It is a compulsion to have a mobile-friendly website for the desktop website to be viewed properly on a mobile device.


We spend a lot of time on mobile devices and do all the surfing related to the Internet on mobile. So we all need to keep in mind that to use a mobile-friendly website it is necessary to use all these upper steps.

By using this site you can get valuable mobile traffic to your website and the website will be visible in a responsive manner to all website visitors. So that’s why a mobile-friendly website is a compulsion.

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