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Business Benefits Of WordPress Development Agency

WordPress development services are the most prominent platform used by millions of people for advertising services and businesses. It helps in enhancing the end-user experience. Some of the important business advantages of WordPress are:

Popular CMS

As per Netcraft, over 75 million websites are made with WordPress. It is used for educational institutes, periodicals, trade groups, government portals, corporates, non-profit, etc.


WordPress has many SEO plugins that are used for content optimization both automatically and manually. The rich snippets improve the search engine ranking.

Post Development Support

A WordPress development company offers full support post-deployment of a website. The client gets an error-free WordPress website.

Fully Customizable

WordPress development services offer complete customization of the website with abundant functionalities and plugins readily available.

Easy Interface & Mobile Friendly

It is quite simple to use WordPress to add photos, pages, new material, links, etc. Also, plugins like Jetpack, WP mobile edition, & others help in building mobile-optimized sites.

Low Cost

WordPress is an economical CMS with lower maintenance & set-up costs. It is mainly used by entrepreneurs and managers.

Scale-Up Your Business With Our Full Range of WordPress Development Services

Custom WordPress Development

We provide custom WordPress website design services and WordPress solutions based on the custom business requirements of clients.

WordPress Theme Development

Our skilled WordPress developers have in-depth knowledge of designing and developing the most beautiful and perfect WordPress theme with the best user experience.

WordPress Plugin Development

We have many years of experience developing top-quality, feature-rich, and bug-free WordPress plugins for your business.

WordPress Migration Services

Our experienced WordPress developers have the expertise to safely migrate your website to the WordPress platform in no time.

WooCommerce Site Development

We provide WooCommerce site development services according to your business requirements at the best prices.

Blog site development

Our talented WordPress developers have expertise in developing an elegant and the most appealing blogging site.

WordPress eCommerce Solution

We are well-recognized for providing the best-in-quality WordPress eCommerce solutions for your business needs.

WordPress API Integration Services

We also provide WordPress API integration services with our dedicated WordPress developers in the right way.

Technology Expertise

Our WordPress Developers have expertise in various tools and technologies, like;

Core PHP






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Famous Brands Built With WordPress Development Agency

Being an open-source web-building platform, WordPress is misinterpreted as not good enough for leading brands. But this is a myth, as many popular brands have built their awesome websites using WordPress itself. Some of them are:

Fixed Hiring Model

The Fixed Hiring Model is perfect for you if you have a well-determined project with clearly defined technical specifications and business requirements. We will provide you with resources, time, and cost after analyzing and evaluating your project based on the Fixed Hiring Model.

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Flexible Hiring Model

Whether you are a startup or entrepreneur, if you don’t have a project with a clear vision and well-structured requirements or want to resolve bug fixing issues or add some functionalities in the existing product then, the flexible hiring model is perfect for your project. We will provide you with our dedicated developers according to your project requirements.

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1. How much does it cost for WordPress development services?

The prices for WordPress development services will vary depending on the type of project and how long it takes to execute it. Although we offer our clients a full quote and samples of our previous work to help them decide which company best meets their needs, we do not charge for this service.

Tecocraft is the leading WordPress development company in the UK. Here are some of the advantages you can receive after opting for our services. 

  • Developers with a proven track record
  • International business standards 
  • Structure for iterative and agile software development
  • Transparency and Communication
  • Completing projects on time and within budget
  • Maintenance and support

The following are the benefits of using WordPress for website creation.


  • User-friendliness
  • Accessing the website from any computer
  • No requirement for HTML editing or FTP software is required.
  • The full authority of your website 
  • Total adaptability of the website’s design
  • Search engines prefer WordPress-based websites.

Besides being simple to use and adaptable, WP has many excellent features. No boundaries exist in terms of functionality. You may do whatever you want with the source code and the thousands of plugins WordPress offers.

The following characteristics are included in WP. 

When you’re ready to publish your content online, click the “Publish” button, and you’re done.

WP allows you to allow comments on your posts and pages, encouraging interaction from your friends and followers. Using WP’s commenting capabilities, you can keep tabs on the conversation.

It’s easy to upload and manage media on your site using the WP library. Even galleries can be added to your website.

You can also manage users and decide who has and doesn’t access your website. In addition, you can provide users access to your site in various ways using this feature.

With thousands of plugins, you can handle your SEO strategy like a pro, not to mention that WP sites are optimised for search engines out of the box.

You have complete control over your content, including the ability to schedule posts, make them public or private, protect them with passwords, and more. To utilise the maximum benefits and features of WordPress, we recommend you to get WordPress website design services from Tecocraft.

WordPress has been around since 2003, which means there is plenty of information available if you get stuck on a particular issue. With its open-source nature and ability to swiftly fix any problems, it has one of the greatest security records in the industry in the WordPress development company. In addition, because it’s free, it’s a good option for everyone (for non-commercial use).

Tecocraft is a WordPress web design company. When you hire us, you can expect the following services along with website development. 

  • Custom website development 
  • Highly responsive design and plugins 
  • Structured code for the smooth and sleek experience 
  • SEO and content creation 
  • Maintenance 
  • 24×7 support 

Apart from the above-mentioned facilities, we also engage with the team and assign a dedicated project manager to work with you.