Tracking System

Nowadays location is the main feature on smart devices that let you give an exact location on the map. Live Location Tracker app is a simple concept that gives you the exact live location of others with permission. Location tracking makes things easier while it comes to tracking data. Everybody likes exact location listed of any assumption. So, we created this app, it will track the exact location of any system.


Vehicle Tracking: Nowadays on-demand taxi booking is in trends. So, to get the live location of any vehicle from mobiles is always good. This type of system is available on public transport and school bus, so they can get the live location of a bus so they can reach on time.


Employee Tracking: When working on a large area or in a remote location, it is difficult to track each person or organization. So in Employee tracking app, it is possible to track and manage your employee activities.


Parenting Apps: This is an important area where live location can really need for your child safety. This app helps you to get the exact location of your children as well as you can monitor your children activities.